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Omegon LED ring lighting

Nr. do produto: 47405
Fabricante: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon LED ring lighting
Omegon LED ring lighting
Omegon LED ring lighting
Omegon LED ring lighting
Descrição do produto
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Descrição do produto:

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Omegon LED ring light -for bright, shadow-free illumination of your specimens

The prepared slides you view under your stereomicroscope should be clear and easy to observe. Everything depends on having the correct lighting. The 60 LEDs in this ring light bathe the object in bright light without creating any shadows.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • shadow-free illumination - direct incident lighting for stereomicroscopes
  • 60 bright LEDs - providing uniform illumination
  • power supply and dimmer - guarantees the right level of illumination
  • easy installation - 3 clamping screws for 62-23mm diameter microscopes
  • suitable for Optika, Hund, Motic, Euromex, etc. microscopes.

Stepless brightness adjustment

The intensity of illumination provided by the ring light can be easily adjusted via a dimmer control. This provdes stepless settings numbering from 1 to 8. The mains adaptor is a 90-260V AC/ 47-63Hz power supply with a European standard plug.

Easy mounting

Installation using the three clamping screws is extremely straightforward, taking just a few seconds. The ring light fits onto the vast majority of stereomicroscopes - those with a diameter of up to 62mm. An additional adapter is included for those microscopes having an objective lens inner thread - allowing mounting onto them.
You will then immediately be able to illuminate your objects brightly and evenly and enjoy an impressively high-contrast image.


  • LED ring light
  • power supply
  • M48x1.0 thread adapter


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