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Product description

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Large binocular mount: Observe stars more easily than every before
The Omegon Kolossus is a new parallelogram mount for large binoculars. This makes stellar observation comfortable and your binoculars feel almost weightless and as if they are floating. This is provided by three-part swivel arm, 360 degree rotation and mechanics which perfectly balance out heavy devices. For relaxed, exciting observations which provide pure enjoyment.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Sturdy parallelogram binocular mount for simple, intuitive observations
  • From the horizon to the zenith: Reach all heights - smoothly and lightning fast
  • Perfectly designed for large binoculars with straight scopes.
  • Observe without needing to kneel on the floor or strain yourself
  • For large binoculars, such as: 20x80, 25x100
  • With counterweights to balance out your large binoculars

What can the parallelogram mount do?
What makes it different to other tripod or fork mounts? Normal tripods have various disadvantages. They are often unstable, too low and are uncomfortable for viewing. A fork mount only makes sense for binoculars with angled scopes. But what about large binoculars with straight scopes? How can they be used to enjoy astronomy? Using a parallelogram mount. This is agile, can be used intuitively and has a strong metal arm which holds your binoculars at all heights and in every position. Like a Dobsonian telescope for binoculars.

Always perfectly positioned
The newly designed parallelogram mount holds your large binoculars in any desired position. From the horizon to the zenith: Easily reach all parts of the sky. There are no fixing screws, levers or similar. Simply point your binoculars towards your desired celestial object at night time - and they will stay firmly in position.

Two handles, keeping everything in hand
The large binoculars sit on L-rails with two handles which can be easily used, even when wearing gloves. Small swivels and adjustments to the visual field can be made using two freely manoeuvrable axes.

Standing, sitting, lying. Tall or short. Everything is possible.
You can decide whether to stand, sit or lie down whilst observing. Tall and short can observe together without having to adjust the height of the tripod. Move the large binoculars into the desired position and observe however is most comfortable for you.

Weight is of no consequence. High load capacity with counterweights.
An 86-centimetre-long counterweight shaft and two counterweights, each weighing 3.7 kilograms. This means you can perfectly balance your large binoculars and use them as if they weighed almost nothing.

Made in the EU, in Portugal
The Kolossus mount is a premium product, produced in small batches in Portugal and hand-mounted.

Further advantages:

  • Fully retractable for simple transportation
  • Locking system: So that you can safely transport your binocular mount in one piece without elements coming apart.
  • Compatible with Vixen-style prism rails
  • The mount can also be used with small refractors (refracting telescopes)
  • Travel dimensions 97cm x 28cm x 24cm (LxBxH with bag)

Kolossus mount, counterweight shaft, 2x 3.7kg counterweights, L-rails with ¼“ thread and handles, carry bag

Note: Tripod and binoculars not included.

Our expert comment:

Tip: If you want to attach the [CMS://shop/p_id=69882 "Omegon Colossus Mount"] to a [CMS://shop/p_id=70719 "Telescope Tripod"] you need the half pier because of the azimuth bolt.



Load capacity (kg)
5kg (mit den Gegengewichten im Lieferumfang)


Total weight (kg)
Overall size LxWxH (cm)

Recommended accessories

Maintenance & Cleaning (4)

Omegon 7-in-1 lens cleaning set

$ 19.90*

*All prices include VAT plus shipping costs.

Omegon Pro Kolossus mount
Even large binoculars with 100mm diameters can be easily manoeuvred in any direction. Simply place the Kolossus mount on a sturdy tripod of your choice.
Omegon Pro Kolossus mount
Two handles and a pivoting mechanism for comfortable observation and simple object tracking.
Omegon Pro Kolossus mount
With two counterweights and a extra-long counterweight shaft, even heavy binoculars can be balanced.
Omegon Pro Kolossus mount
Everything in one bag.

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