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Omegon Nightstar 16x70 - 45° binoculars

Product no.: 47316
Manufacturer: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Nightstar 16x70 - 45° binoculars
Omegon Nightstar 16x70 - 45° binoculars
Omegon Nightstar 16x70 - 45° binoculars
Omegon Nightstar 16x70 - 45° binoculars
Omegon Nightstar 16x70 - 45° binoculars
Omegon Nightstar 16x70 - 45° binoculars
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Product description:

Walking in the universe - compact 70mm large binoculars with 45° viewing angle

Take a 'stroll' through the natural world with Nightstar 70mm binoculars - whether observing star clusters in the night sky, animals or other terrestrial nature watching. Nightstar binoculars are light, amazingly compact and an ideal companion for any trip. The specially designed 1.25" eyepieces, together with the 45° viewing angle, make for relaxed, fun observing.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • 70mm objective lenses - admire star clusters and observe nebulae in stereo with both eyes
  • 45° viewing angle - pleasant observing in any situation
  • extendable- suitable for use with astronomical 1.25" eyepieces
  • secure in your hands - handy carrying handle
  • kept safe - aluminium case for easy and safe transport
  • conveniently attached - standard ¼ inch thread - for tripod or fork mounting

A stereo view of the sky

A pair of large binoculars is a useful addition to a telescope or spotting scope. Why, you may ask? It is because you are now observing in a different way - by using both eyes. The view is vivid and you will notice a lot more contrast. After all, you now have two lenses in front of your eyes.

Tip: Use the binoculars to 'wander' through the Milky Way and discover a wealth of stars and nebulae.

100 times more light

The 70mm binoculars use achromatic design objectives. Together with the multi-coating on the lens surfaces, this provides a pure, clear image. The objectives' 70mm aperture means 100 times more light is available than with just the naked eye.

Relaxed observing - 45° viewing angle

With a 45° viewing angle, observing is even more fun. It allows completely relaxed observing of objects near the zeniths - after all, who wants to have to lie on the ground while observing? A real advantage for fun observing.

For astronomical eyepieces

The two eyepieces that come with the Nightstar provide 16X magnification. This will bring you a whole lot closer to stars, ships or mountain peaks. But do you know what is really special? - they can also take any 1.25" astronomical eyepieces. Optimize your large binoculars using your own eyepieces. The extra advantage - they allow the use of your own eyepiece filters, as opposed to binoculars with fixed eyepieces.

Onto the tripod, ready, go

Attach your binoculars to a tripod using the 1/4 inch thread provided. A carrying handle ensures that nothing happens while your Nightstar binoculars are properly secured.

The most elegant solution - a fork mount. With the Omegon fork mount, which you will find in the recommended accessories, your binoculars acquire a really stable base.

Aluminium case - for always having safe transport

Nightstar 16x70 binoculars are held securely in place in an aluminium case with shaped cut-outs. So they are ready for every trip - take them with you on your next vacation - observing under a strange sky can be twice as much fun!

Because they are so compact, 70mm Nightstar binoculars also look good on a tripod

Set for every trip - this case means you will have everything you need on hand

It doesn't get any better - the optional Omegon fork mount provides the 70mm Nightstar binoculars with a solid base

The astronomical 1.25" eyepieces can be changed at any time

Focus can be separately adjusted for each eye

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