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Filters Pro 2'' H-Beta filter

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Product description

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Omegon pro H-beta 25nm filter - the best way to see the Horsehead nebula

There are objects that are so interesting that you should get round to observing them at least once. This includes the famous Horsehead nebula, which adorns so many wonderful astronomy images. But what would it be like to see it 'live' with your own eyes?

With the Omegon Pro H-beta filter and a telescope above 8"-10" in aperture, your wish can come true. The filter allows light to pass only in the hydrogen emission region at 486nm. With a bandpass of 25nm, it is particularly suitable for visual observing.

The filter will do all of the following:

  • improve contrast between the object and the night sky background
  • provide a particularly good image under a dark sky
  • be particularly useful for observing the Horsehead nebula, Cocoon nebula and California nebula

The H-beta filter offers you something more than just the 'everyday sky'; it lets you explore the extraordinary!



Mount material
Connection (to the telescope)


Type of build
line filter

Area of application

Anti light-pollution
Hydrogen nebulae
Planetary nebulae
Central stars
Supernova remains
Useful for photographs
Visually useful
Omegon Filters Pro 2'' H-Beta filter
This sturdy box keeps the filter safe when stored away

Omegon Filters Pro 2'' H-Beta filter
Every filter is tested before being sent out. You will also receive an individual test report confirming the quality of your filter.

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