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Filters Pro OIII 7nm Filter 1,25"

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Product description

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Omegon OIII Filter: for astronomy photographs rich in contrast

The Omegon OIII filter allows 501 nanometre emissions from ionised oxygen atoms to pass through, and improves the contrast for OIII spectrum astrophotography when combined with other filters. Ambitious astrophotographers can take amazing pictures, even from light-polluted cities.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Special coating: ensures high transmission and optimum contrast
  • For monochrome cameras: the filter should be used in combination with SII and H-alpha filters
  • The narrow band filter allows the emissions of oxygen atoms to pass through at 501 nanometres with a bandwidth of 6 nanometres
  • Blocks the light from artificial illumination
  • Suitable for telescopes with an aperture of 8 inches or more
  • For CCD astronomy cameras and astro-modified DSLR cameras

The Omegon OIII filter is a special CCD filter that increases the contrast between celestial objects and the background sky. It is suitable for photographing stellar nurseries and planetary nebulae from light-polluted cities, it is also effective for use in countryside locations. The filter isolates OIII emissions and accentuates bright red nebular structures. Famous examples are the Orion Nebula or the Lagoon Nebula.

Due to its narrow full width at half maximum of just 6nm, it delivers high transmission in the doubly ionized oxygen spectrum, and also further increased contrast compared to wider band filters. The OIII line is a doublet line, with the stronger line at 501 nanometres and a weaker line at 499 nanometres, the 6 nanometres bandwidth ensures that no emission is lost from either line.



Mount material
Connection (to the telescope)
Central wavelength (nm)
Half-value width (nm)


Type of build
line filter

Area of application

Anti light-pollution
Hydrogen nebulae
Planetary nebulae
Central stars
Supernova remains
Useful for photographs
Visually useful

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Omegon Filters Pro OIII 7nm Filter 1,25"
Omegon Filters Pro OIII 7nm Filter 1,25"

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