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Steeltrail 2'' Newtonian dual speed Crayford focuser

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  • Load capacity up to 5kg
  • Short optical length
  • With adapter for 1.25" eyepieces

Product description

Omegon 2" Steeltrail focuser - high-end stainless steel focuser

Would you like to equip your telescope with a better focuser and always be able to find the precise point of focus? The new Omegon Steeltrail Crayford focuser lets you upgrade your telescope and have the highest precision focusing immediately. Extremely strong stainless steel ball bearings and stainless steel guides ensure durability and long life.

  • exclusive 2" Crayford focuser with stainless steel ball bearings
  • indestructible - stainless steel system for durability
  • precision focus via 1:10 reduction ratio
  • high load capacity for any accessory - even with an open clamp
  • simple to connect to Skywatcher telescopes via an adapter
  • anti-reflection ridging - for good contrast

Perhaps you already own a telescope with a rather basic focuser? Note how its operation lets the ball bearings dig into the soft aluminium of the inner tube, scoring it. Do you really think such a focuser will give you a lifetime of good service? If you are one of those people who appreciate accuracy and precision, then you will not be happy with this kind of focuser. It is high time for an upgrade.

Steeltrail - with stainless steel ball bearings

The Omegon Steeltrail focuser uses hard stainless steel in all the important areas. The V2A stainless steel ball bearings run on stainless steel rails, giving the focuser significantly more precision. Even heavy loads over long periods are no problem for the focuser. The ball bearings ensure that it does not shift and guarantee years of consistent quality.

1:10 reduction gearing - precision focusing of objects

At high magnifications or for astrophotography, it is sometimes difficult to find the precise point of focus. But here, the 1:10 reduction gearing makes this easy. Rotating the grippy stainless steel focus wheel moves the 2" tube accurately to a tenth of a millimetre. A half turn of the focus wheel gives a change in focus distance of about one millimetre.

High load capacity for up to 5kg

The particularly advantage of the focuser is its high load capacity, which allows it to take even heavy eyepieces and cameras. The focuser can move freely, unclamped, as its high quality means the 2" tube will not slip, but remain firmly in position.

Simple adaptation to a Newtonian telescope

Attach a suitable adapter to the focuser via an 80mm dovetail ring. Many amateur astronomers have a Skywatcher telescope and want to upgrade it. Up to now they had a problem however: there was no suitable adapter available for Skywatcher dimensions. But now our optional Omegon adapter lets you attach your new focuser to your Skywatcher telescope in only a couple of minutes.

Our expert comment:

For mounting on Skywatcher tubes, the adapter ring Omegon V-Power Adapter 80 to 78mm is also required.

(Bernd Gährken)



Appropriate for...
Newtonian telescopes
Gear reduction
Draw Tube Travel (mm)
Optical length (mm)
Connection (to the telescope)
Connection ( to eyepiece)
1,25" - 2"
Load capacity (kg)


Ring clamp


Weight (g)
Type of build
Height (mm)

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Omegon Steeltrail 2'' Newtonian dual speed Crayford focuser
The optimized ball bearing design makes focusing the eyepiece as smooth as butter. Reduction gearing allows you to adjust the sharpness precisely.

Omegon Steeltrail 2'' Newtonian dual speed Crayford focuser
The focuser can be connected to the dovetail ring via an adapter - e.g. the optional 33360 Omegon adapter for Newtonian Focusers.

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