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Telescope accessories > Eyepieces > Recticle > Omegon Reticle eyepieces Illuminated crosshair eyepiece, Kellner 12mm
( 3 / 5 )
Product no.: 49759

Reticle eyepieces Illuminated crosshair eyepiece, Kellner 12mm

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Product description

More about the series Recticle...

12mm Kellner cross-hair eyepiece, with illuminated double crosshair

The Omegon crosshair eyepiece is ideally suited for guiding astrophotos when used in off-axis guiders or guide scopes. The extremely fine, illuminated double crosshairs make tracking the guide star much straightforward for you. Instead of having to cover the star, as with single crosshairs, you can keep it precisely positioned in the centre of the eyepiece. Any deviation from this position is noticed immediately, and in time to be able to react.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • eyepiece with clear optics for using faint guide stars
  • lens focusing - sharp focusing of the cross-threads for your vision
  • 2x LR44 batteries included

Photos are not everything

Discover other applications for your cross-hair eyepiece. These eyepieces can also be used measuring fields of view, for the polar alignment of a mount, or for getting the positional angles of double stars.

Perfectly tracked astronomy photos are no secret, but the result of using the right accessories



Focal length (mm)
Connection (to the telescope)
Apparent field of view (°)
Coating of optical system
Number of lenses

Special features

Filter thread


Length (mm)
Weight (g)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Type of build
Reticle eyepieces

Recommended accessories

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Omegon aluminium case, large

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Omegon Reticle eyepieces Illuminated crosshair eyepiece, Kellner 12mm
Omegon Reticle eyepieces Illuminated crosshair eyepiece, Kellner 12mm
Omegon Reticle eyepieces Illuminated crosshair eyepiece, Kellner 12mm

Customer reviews

Very nice optics and focusable reticle, yet illuminator does not dim

Review by J. K. on 09.09.2022 23:59:12

( 3 / 5 )

The eyepiece is pretty sharp and the crosshair is focusable and very visible even without light. However, the illuminator, while controlled by a potentiometer, seems like on/off. The light is bright and obscures dim stars. Perhaps incorrectly wired, I may attempt to repair it. However, the reticle is well visible even without illumination.

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