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Product description

More about the series Oberon...

Waterproof wide-angle eyepiece with 82° field of vision at a special low price
Immerse yourself in space with an Oberon wide-angle eyepiece. Experience just how beautiful and roomy the view through this 82° eyepiece really is - when you look through this eyepiece you can't see the edge.
These eyepieces are waterproof and nitrogen-filled and will never allow water to enter. You'll always enjoy an unobstructed view.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • resistant - waterproof and nitrogen-filled to repel moisture and for a long life
  • huge 82° field of view with almost no limits
  • firm grip - ribbed rubber armouring
  • elegant design - anodized aluminium housing

Almost unlimited 82° field of view
Look for an object or take a close look at an extended emission nebula - a wide field of view is tailor-made for this. When looking through an 82° Oberon eyepiece, you get the impression of being immersed in space - also known as the 'space-walk' effect. You seem to be able to meander through the universe with your eye alone, and without seeing the edge of the field of view of the eyepiece.

Planetary and deep space eyepiece
High light transmission, clever optical design and baffles mean this eyepiece has 'professional level' contrast. The eyepiece is hence an excellent choice for both planetary and DSO observing. Save yourself having to constantly change eyepieces and spend more time observing the object.

Lasting quality - waterproof and nitrogen-filled
Oberon eyepieces are extremely elegant - they are anodized and look good in any telescope. But the best thing is that they are also water-proof and nitrogen-filled. This provides an enormous advantage when looking after them - you can clean the housing and the lenses with water and hence free the optical elements of grease and dirt.
This is easy with the Oberon eyepieces as no moisture can get into them.

The Oberon series
The Oberon eyepiece series consists of 6 eyepieces with focal lengths between 32mm and 7mm. The spacing of the focal lengths results in sensible magnifications with most telescopes - from an general overview eyepiece to observing planets at high magnifications.

Additional highlights

  • 2" inch eyepiece with 36mm eye lens
  • diameter - 84mm
  • length excluding barrel - 112mm, (104mm with eyecup folded down)
  • length of barrel - 33mm
  • suitable for telescopes from f6
  • filter thread

Included in delivery
Ultra-wide angle eyepiece - 32mm, 2", dust caps, sturdy cardboard box



Focal length (mm)
Apparent field of view (°)
Connection (to the telescope)
Coating of optical system

Special features

Adjustable eyepiece cup
- (folding)
Filter thread
inert gas charge


Height (mm)
Weight (g)
Diameter (mm)
Type of build

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Omegon Eyepiece Oberon 32mm 2''
A view for the connoisseur - an 82° WA eyepiece with a wide field of for view for taking in large swathes of the night sky

Customer reviews

Excellent eyepiece for the money.

Review by vvlierberghe on 27.10.2022 14:57:44

( 5 / 5 )

Great sturdy and heavy eyepiece.
Weight about 952 grams.
Bigger than a can of beer.

Good field of view. 82 degrees.

No flaws found so far.

100% worth the money.

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