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EQ-500 X Mount

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Product description

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Up to 10kg weight. But not one of those from the fitness studio.

A new mount for your telescope? Changing, upgrading or just getting started? The Omegon EQ-500 X is a strong mount and carries smaller or medium-sized telescope tubes up to about 200mm aperture and 10kg in weight. The simple design and easy operation lets you get going quickly for your next night of observing.

The features at a glance:

  • Stable equatorial mount for smooth and low-vibration observing with small and medium-sized telescopes.
  • Simple navigation in any desired direction with the manual fine adjustment knobs. Perfect for visual observing.
  • Ball-bearing axes, for smoother and more accurate tracking towards your target object.
  • Stable tripod: made of stainless steel, for a solid base for your telescope.
  • Adjustment rings with scale, so that you can also find your target object from your star map.

Manual equatorial mount: track objects

The equatorial design makes it easy to track objects that would otherwise disappear from your field of view. You simply turn about the RA axis using the convenient fine adjustment and easily keep the planet or nebula in the field of view at every level of magnification. So your astronomy evening is not only fun for you, but for your whole family too.

Stronger mount: how a change can give you more pleasure

How long does your previous mount need to settle and deliver a stable image? It’s a fact that many mounts are too weak for your optical tubes. This is almost like an astro killjoy virus, which you can successfully overcome with this mount. Your refractor or medium-sized mirror telescope now sits much more stably and you benefit from better mechanics for more pleasurable observing.

Ball bearing axes for fluid movements

Here everything runs smoothly: the EQ-500 X mount is equipped with ball bearings in both axes. The movement of the axes is much more fluid - for pinpoint positioning without juddering, even at high levels of magnification.

Stable tripod

The height-adjustable tripod made of stainless steel is considerably more durable than other aluminum tripods. The solid spreader plate additionally serves as a safe storage place for seven 1.25" eyepieces and two 2" eyepieces - your accessories are close at hand all night.

Setting circles to find objects using to coordinates

Sometimes you need help, especially if you want to find a faint object. With a star map and the adjustment rings you can set up your target using celestial coordinates.



EQ-500 X
Max. additional load capacity (kg)
Mounting saddle
Weight mount head only (kg)
Counterweight(s) (piece)
2 (@ 2,5 kg)
Diameter of counterweight bar (mm)
Polar elevation setting (°)
5 - 60°
Drive type
Worm wheel

Special features

Polar axis scale


Tripod <p>
Accessory plate
Pole finder


Max. tripod height (cm)
Min. tripod height (cm)
Tripod weight (kg)
Tripod material
Tripod leg diameter (mm)


Total weight (kg)
Type of build

Area of application

Useful for photographs
Visually useful

Recommended accessories

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Omegon EQ-500 X Mount
Omegon EQ-500 X Mount
Omegon EQ-500 X Mount
Omegon EQ-500 X Mount
Omegon EQ-500 X Mount

Customer reviews

Great EQ mount! :)

Review by C. H. on 23.08.2020 02:46:10

( 5 / 5 )

Everything is metal/steel, solid and sturdy. Feels tough and decent quality.
No instructions, no warranty or any notes was included in the package.
But nonetheless, it's easy to figure out and assemble.

I noticed some of the turning gears, I can feel friction and have spotted metal dust and thread shavings. Clean it up with magnet or vacuum, add some appropriate lubrication. I add lithium grease to the polar align gear threads and weight bar threads.
Before adding the weights, turn all the axis points a 2-3 times fully, to 'break in' and lubricate the gear teeth. This method improved the turning and feels smoother.

This is my first equatorial mount. I was trying to find one good value for it's good weight capabilities.

I received the mount in good time.
I'm pretty pleased with it!
Highly recommend! :)

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