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Product description

Omegon T2 to EOS camera lens adapter - your EOS lens on a CCD camera

Normally with a CCD camera or planetary camera, one photographs directly through a telescope. Great shots of planets and deep sky objects have become possible with this technique. But, what about wide angle images of the sky or extended astronomical objects? - moments and objects that could be taken through a DSLR camera using lenses with very short or medium focal lengths?

You can now take advantage of being able to use your CCD camera with standard Canon EOS DSLR lenses. This is possible using the Omegon T2 to EOS bayonet-mount adapter.

Simply attach and shoot photos through your Canon EOS lenses

Instead of your telescope, use one of your Canon EOS lenses as the 'front optics' - as a small telescope with a short focal length so to speak. It does not matter whether you use an original Canon EF lens or a lens from another manufacturer. The main thing is that it must have the Canon EOS bayonet-mount.

T2 thread on the other side

The T2 male thread on the other side of the Omegon EOS adapter lets you connect the CCD camera of your choice. T2 is the standard thread in astronomy, and may be adapted by further optional extras. In order to meet the exact spacing of about 45mm from the lens to the chip, simply use the appropriate T2 extension tubes from our Omegon range.

Connecting via a photo thread

The Omegon T2 EOS adapter attaches easily onto a tripod or a piggyback adapter on your telescope. Measurements and positions of the threads are shown in the product images.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • use Canon EOS lenses with astronomy CCD cameras
  • robust anodized metal adapter for a long life
  • T2 male thread - to adapt to any astronomy CCD camera
  • Optical length 18mm. The focus for infinity lies 26mm behind the T2 thread
  • filter thread to place 1,25" filters inside the adapter

Our expert comment:

Would you like to find out even more about this product? You can find an interesting blog entry here: http://www.astroshop.de/blog/?p=18436



Connection (to the telescope)
Canon EF(S)
Connector (at camera end)
T2 (M42x0.75)
Optical length (mm)
Filter thread
yes (1,25")


Type of build
Camera adaptor
Overall size LxWxH (mm)
Omegon T2 adapter for Canon EOS lenses
Simply connect your existing EOS lenses onto the EOS bayonet. This is as easy as changing lenses on your SLR camera.

Omegon T2 adapter for Canon EOS lenses
The T2 thread is the standard connection for telescopes and their accessories, enabling simple connection of a CCD or planetary camera with a T2 thread.

Customer reviews

Missing photo thread :(

Review by A. N. on 08.04.2023 14:46:17

( 2 / 5 )

I bought one of these about half a year ago, that fully met expectations.
Later, I needed one more. This arrived with a smooth hole without the 1/4 inch photo thread.
This was returned for replacement, but the replaced one also was received without a photo thread :(
It looks like a large batch could be bad, and Astroshop fails to recognise the issue.

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