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Carbonline 1.25'', 90° mirror star diagonal, 99% dielectric

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Product description

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See more - 1.25" mirror star diagonal with a brighter image

A real observing experience! That's exactly what this accessory offers you. Let the quality of the image your telescope delivers actually get to your eye. The Omegon 1.25" Carbonline mirror star diagonal provides 99% reflection and is produced in an attractive carbon-fibre look - a visual experience both for the outside and the inside.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • 1.25" mirror star diagonal directs the image 90° upwards - suitable for refractors, Maksutovs and SC telescopes
  • for a better image - suitable as a replacement for a standard star diagonal
  • 99% reflection - provides about 10% brighter images than an ordinary mirror
  • elegant design - made of carbon-fibre and black anodized aluminium

For all 1.25" focusers

You can use this mirror star diagonal on any refractor, Maksutov or SC telescope which has a 1.25" focuser. The Omegon Carbonline unit deflects the image 90° upwards to provide you with a comfortable viewing angle.

For all 1.25" eyepieces

Whether Ploessl or wide angle - this mirror star diagonal can take any 1.25" eyepiece. Compression spring ring clamping holds the eyepiece barrel in an optimal grip for any observing orientation.

Brighter images - mirror with 99% reflection

You can look forward to a bright and sharp image, with inconspicuous details or faint nebulae now seen even better. The reason - a mirror with multiple microscopically-thin deposited dielectric mirror layers achieving 99% reflection. That means - some 10 percent more light than the mirror diagonals that typically come as accessories with most telescopes.

Carbon-fibre and aluminium

The mirror star diagonal consists of carbon-fibre elements and anodised aluminium. Chic, light and stable - Carbonline 1.25" mirror star diagonals look good and will continue providing a beautiful view even after many years of use.



Connection (to the telescope)
Viewing posture
Coating of optical system
Surface reflection
Weight (g)
Connection ( to eyepiece)

Special features

Correction of vertically reversed image
Correction of horizontally reversed image
Ring clamp


Overall size LxWxH (cm)
Alu, Carbon
Deviating optics
Type of build
Diagonal mirror
Omegon Carbonline 1.25'', 90° mirror star diagonal, 99% dielectric
Omegon Carbonline 1.25'', 90° mirror star diagonal, 99% dielectric

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