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Telescope accessories > Dew shields & Ventilation > Dew shields - flexible cap > Omegon Soft dew shield cap 8" (225-245mm OTA-⌀)
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Soft dew shield cap 8" (225-245mm OTA-⌀)

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Product description

Omegon dew shield - stops fogging, for a clear view

Jupiter looks fantastic. But what's happening? It's suddenly gone blurred. Your optics have fogged-up. But this does not need to happen - the Omegon dew shield keeps dew away and gives you clear observing for the entire night.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • compact and space-saving - flexible plastic dew shield
  • stops the optics from fogging up, keeping your view clear
  • velvet finish - black anti-dew and anti-reflection textile coating
  • adhesive strap fastening for a secure fit
  • available for various OTA diameters

Dew can be a problem at almost any time of the year. Especially when it's a little cooler, tiny droplets condense out from the water vapour in the air and fog-up the optics of your telescope. The result is that you can no longer see anything clearly and that's it for the night's observing.

Attach the dew shield to the telescope and you're ready to go

A dew shield prevents your telescope optics fogging-up in the first place. It keeps the optics completely dew-free and lets you observe for hours with the optimal view. What you have to do? Just attach this flexible dew shield to the front of the telescope and dew is no longer an issue.

Thin and can be stored anywhere

The flexible design is quite practical, as it allows you to slide the dew shield behind a cupboard or next to your eyepiece case - it is optimally space-saving!

Dew-stop: velvet finish on the inside

The dew shield is lined on the inside with a black velvet-like fabric. This not only minimizes reflections but also ensures that no dew can reach the telescope's optics.

Which telescopes is the dew shield suitable for?

For all telescopes having an optical surface at the front. That means, for example, Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov telescopes. On nights with very high humidity, an additional dew shield can even be useful with Newtonians, as many observers have experienced the secondary mirror fogging-up.

Suitable for telescopes with a front outer diameter of 225-245mm

Your telescope and dew shield -an experienced team for preventing fogging during your astronomical observing evening.



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Omegon Soft dew shield cap 8" (225-245mm OTA-⌀)
Omegon Soft dew shield cap 8" (225-245mm OTA-⌀)

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