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Payment methods

Credit card

Credit card

Pay conveniently by charging your credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

During the ordering process, you enter your credit card details on an encrypted page. Your data will then be transferred via a highly secured connection to our billing partner where it is processed. Your credit card details will not be passed on to a third party, nor will they be stored by us.

Note: When you complete your order, the amount payable is provisionally reserved on your credit card.

The amount will, of course, not be actually charged to your card until the order has been dispatched. If you change your order later, leading to a higher or lower amount payable, we will only charge you for the items actually shipped.

Cash on delivery

Pay conveniently in cash directly to the delivery company.

Cash on delivery payments are only possible within the EU and depend on the destination country, the order value, the package size, and the chosen delivery service provider. Check the shipping cost table to see if your order can be sent using cash on delivery. You can find the table, for example, by clicking on the "plus shipping costs" link in your shopping cart.

This form of payment is subject to cash on delivery charges in addition to the usual shipping costs. These charges depend on the country in which the delivery is made and the chosen carrier.

For more detailed information, see Dispatch and delivery.

Prepayment by bank transfer

You will receive a 1% discount on the invoice amount, excluding items subject to publishers’ predetermined retail prices. Payment is made by bank transfer, to our bank account, of the invoice amount less the discount. After receipt of your payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email.

The exact amount of the transfer together with our account details can be found in the overview at the end of the ordering process, or in the order acknowledgement email which you will receive from us shortly after your order has been completed.

Please note: if we do not receive payment within 7 days, we will automatically cancel your order.



PayPal is the online payment service that allows you to pay safely, easily and quickly – and a PayPal account doesn't cost you anything.

Your bank or credit card details are only stored with PayPal. This means that they are not sent over the internet every time you buy online - which makes PayPal payments extra secure. You pay simply and quickly in just two clicks. This is because you use the bank or credit card information stored with PayPal instead of having to re-enter it every time you make a purchase. In addition, your goods are usually with you earlier, because PayPal payments arrive quickly. The seller can send the goods immediately which means that you will usually receive them more quickly.

By the way: PayPal enjoys great trust among buyers and sellers alike. Every second online customer in Germany already has a PayPal account and there are over 220 million accounts in 190 countries worldwide.

Open a free PayPal account and link it to your bank account or credit card – then your next purchase with us will be easier than ever.

For more information about PayPal, visit PayPal.de

Instant payment

Instant payment

Online Instant Payment is an easy-to-use direct transfer process, based on high-security online banking and TÜV-approved data protection standards.
The advantages of ordering using instant payment:

  • No registration is necessary to pay with Instant Payment
  • Instant Payment is a TÜV-certified online payment system

As a customer, you do not need to register, nor do you need to put money in a special account or own a credit card. Using the secure payment form which is not accessible to the retailer,  Instant Payment automatically and in real time sets up a transfer from the customer’s online bank account. The purchase amount is transferred directly to the retailer’s bank account and the retailer immediately receives a real-time confirmation.
If you are a customer of most banks in the following countries, you can today pay using the online Instant Payment method:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Italy
The procedure in summary

Online Instant Payment can be selected as a payment option during the ordering process. Please note that this payment option only works if you have access to online banking.

To do this, select the Instant Payment option as your chosen payment method on the payment method page. You will then be transferred directly to Instant Payment, where you will add your bank code and account number to the data already included in your order, by using the secure payment form. Next, just as with online banking, you need to confirm your online payment with PIN and TAN numbers.

After the successful completion of your payment with Instant Payment, you will be returned to our online shop and your order is now concluded. Upon completion, you will receive an order confirmation by email. As soon as your entire order is ready for delivery, we will ship immediately.

For more information, please visit klarna.com