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Product no.: 50201

Telemikro USB Camera

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Product description

This camera isn't state of the art. We cannot recommend the camera for use with Windows 10/11.

When two worlds collide - take planetary and microscope pictures using a single camera

Finally, a camera that you can connect to both your telescope and your microscope. Save yourself the expense of having to get a second camera! From now on, you can take photographs with this camera and show your friends and family your fascinating hobbies - whether astronomy or microscopy!

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • USB planetary and microscope camera for beginners
  • a super simple way of getting started in photography
  • fits any telescope with 1.25" focuser
  • fits any microscope with 23.2mm connector
  • ready to use - includes software drivers for Windows and a USB cable

Images in real time on your screen
Everything live - this camera will display a live image of the Moon, planets or objects under the microscope. You can see it all using Live View mode on your PC screen and also save the images. Even larger groups can watch with you in comfort - such as school classes or just the neighbours in the garden.

Fast CMOS chip with 30 frames / second
There is a 640x480 pixel CMOS chip inside which sends ultra-fast images of your objects - at 30 frames per second! That means sharper images than would be possible with individual exposures when doing planetary photography - guaranteeing that even your first images will be worth showing.

Microscope and telescope adapter
It comes with two adapters:

  • 1.25" connector for telescopes
  • 23.2mm connector for microscopes

That makes the camera compatible with the customary connectors used with modern telescopes and microscopes.

Software and drivers for Windows PCs

Everything comes included in delivery for getting started with the 'tele-micro' camera - camera, software and drivers. The mini-CD provided is for installing the software on all Win XP, Win7 or Win8 PCs.

The 'Win Joe Future' image capture software is simple to use. In the centre, you see a large Live Image of your object. Simply use the Record and Video buttons for saving your photos and videos.

Your simple introduction to photography

This camera has been specifically designed for beginners in astronomy and microscopy. As soon as you want to take a picture with your new telescope or microscope, then the Omegon tele-micro is there for you - simply connect and shooting photos or videos is simplicity itself.

Press the 'shutter release' today for your own fascinating pictures!



Resolution Photograph (Pixel)
640 x 480


Pixel size
Image transmission
USB 2.0


Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)
Omegon Telemikro USB Camera
The camera turns your microscope into a digital laboratory

Omegon Telemikro USB Camera
Example: Garlic
Omegon Telemikro USB Camera
Stem of a sunflower
Omegon Telemikro USB Camera
Jupiter, taken with the Telemikro camera and a 150mm telescope at 2740mm effective focal length.

Omegon Telemikro USB Camera
It's so easy - simply insert the camera into the focuser and you can start taking pictures

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