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Product description

The Omegon Mini-Track mount is an instrument that almost guarantees successful astronomy photos when used with wide-angle and lightweight telephoto lenses. No matter where your trip takes you - the MiniTrack can accompany you to anywhere in the world (northern hemisphere). It works completely without batteries and will fit in any pocket. Hundreds of people are already successfully using it and are thrilled by the photos produced. Astronomy photos taken using the MiniTrack will definitely attract attention!

The advantages in a nutshell

  • take pictures of the night sky from anywhere in the northern hemisphere - successfully and effortlessly
  • never needs charging - works via clockwork, so is independent of batteries and power sockets
  • wind-up by pulling the cord and the mount will start operating immediately
  • optimal for overview shots of the starry sky and using telephoto lenses up to about 300mm
  • simply put onto a tripod and mount a camera of up to 2kg in weight

Better astronomy photos

Don't just bring holiday photos back home from your trip with you, take home stunning astronomy photos too. And it's a lot easier than you may think. All you need is a tripod, the MiniTrack mount, a ball-head and your camera. Reduced to the essentials it still does the job - producing good astronomy photos that anyone can take. And it does exactly that!

60 minutes of mechanical tracking

The MiniTrack has a clockwork heart, electronics have no place. A precision movement accurately tracks your camera. Wind-up the MiniTrack with its cord, like an analogue clock, and it will start tracking immediately and continue for 60 minutes. This mount will never flag, even in freezing conditions. Your new mount can even take a telephoto lens. It is no coincidence that this 'expert' in wide-field photography has won the hearts of amateur astronomers.

Like a counterweight - the powerful spring system

The MiniTrack is extremely compact and needs no accessories such as a counterweight. That is because it's already been built-in - in the form of a spring system. As your camera starts to be tracked, the spring both supports the weight and looks after the tracking. Take this mount in your luggage on flights and leave your main mount at home.

Find the pole in a jiffy

It is straightforward finding the Pole Star with the polar finder tube. This 'rough' orientation is sufficient to track your camera plus lens. Amazingly beautiful pictures are produced in a flash when carrying out a series of bracketing exposures.

Fits onto every tripod

The MiniTrack has two connectors - one for the tripod and another for your camera or ball-head. Simply attach the mount to your tripod as usual using the 1/4" screw and align the MiniTrack as you like. Alternatively, you can mount a ball head with the 1/4" or 3/8" thread.

Invented and developed by Cristian Fattinnanzi

The MiniTrack mount was developed by Cristian Fattinnanzi from Italy. Omegon has taken over the distribution to make it accessible to a wider circle of photographers and nature lovers.

Take astronomy photos in no time at all using this fully mechanical mini-mount. No power or charging is required. Just take a picture - anytime, anywhere.

Included in delivery

  • MiniTrack mount
  • polar finder tube
  • 1/4" to 3/8" and 1/4" to 1/4" adapters

Our expert comment:

"The performance of the Mini Tracks has been measured independently and can be seen here: Mini Track LX2 "

(Pedro Pereira)



Fits ...
Camera tripod
Operating temperature
-20 - 60
Max. additional load capacity (kg)

Special features

Tracking on DEC axis
Tracking on RA axis


Tripod <p>
without tripod
Ball head
Pole finder


Weight (g)
Overall size LxWxH (cm)
21 x 7,8 x 3
Type of build
Camera mount

Recommended accessories

Telescope accessories (2)
Carry case

Omegon Carry case for the MiniTrack

$ 29.90*
Astronomy (1)
Polar wedge

Omegon Polar Wedge with 55mm Dovetail Bar

$ 119.00*

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Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2
Hot Product Award 2019
Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2
The MiniTrack mount

Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2
No power required - simply wind up the MiniTrack like a clock

Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2
The back of the MiniTrack - The wind-up spring mechanism ensures reliable tracking, even when only loaded on one side

Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2
'The Frozen Lake' - Carezza Lake, Italy. At the foot of the Latemar Massif in the Dolomites (1530m). Exposure - 2x300 seconds, ISO800 with a Laowa 12mm lens on a Canon 5d3 camera. Photo: Cristian Fattinnanzi.

Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2
'Saslong Night' - Sassolungo da Col Raiser, Italy. Composite of 2x300 second exposures at ISO800 (1x sky, 1x landscape), taken with Canon 5d3 camera and Canon 16-35 f/2.8 lens. Photo: Cristian Fattinnanzi.

Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2
'Heart of the Galaxy' - composite photo from different exposures taken at a mountain refuge in Fargno (1820m). The main picture was taken with a Canon 5d Mark III using a 24-70 f/2.8 lens set at 39mm (exposure 180sec., ISO400). A Canon 20Da camera modified for astronomy was used at two different focal lengths for the nebula region. Wide field at 24mm, Rho Ophiuchi details were zoomed in at 70mm focal length. Picture: Cristian Fattinnanzi.

Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2
Omegon Mini Track LX2 got 4.5 of 5 stars in Issue 161 of Sky at Night Magazine!
Omegon Mount Mini Track LX2
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Customer reviews

Best budget tracker for astrophotography

Review by K. V. on 05.05.2021 11:50:31

( 5 / 5 )

This is probably the best budget tracker that suits for beginners who just started astrophotography.

amazing product

Review by bones on 07.03.2021 00:19:10

( 5 / 5 )

i couldnt afford a huge electronic tracker so i bought one of these to have a go astro photography, how amazed was i, i was set up and running in about 10 minutes and got some ingredible images of both orion nebula and the andromeda galaxywith the lens i was using the most i should have been able to track was about 45 seconds but i experimented for uo to 2 minutes without a single trail
cant recomend this enough

Out of the box astrophotography with DSLR camera....

Review by Dark_sky on 31.03.2020 11:59:04

( 5 / 5 )

I am getting sharp photos of Venus under the Pleiades right out of the box! Stars were round and sharp with this set-up:
70 to 300mm telephoto, camera set to bulb at 3 to 10 seconds, 1600ASA equivalent, mirror lock set, cable shutter remote, manual focus, Omegon Mount with camera ball mount and star finder scope top plate set to my latitude subtracted from 90 degrees measured by iPad Theodolite app and clock speed checked by FrequencyMeter app.
After setting proper angle of the LX2, the base of the tripod was slued to Polaris and fine adjustments made to center the North Star to the center of the finder scope using the tripod altitude and azimuth adjustment knobs. All the locking screws on the tripod and LX2 except for the ball mount were tightened. This is perfect for exposures of up to 10 seconds and possibly a lot longer but the skies above Los Angeles are very light polluted and become too washed out at over 15 seconds.
The LX2 is very transportable and a lot easier to use for astrophotography than my small 6 inch reflector and worth every penny (or farthing as the case may be)! Wish I could share the first photo!!!

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