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Omegon PowerTank, 7Ah (84Wh)

Product no.: 33241
Manufacturer: Omegon

$ 139.00

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360 degree Omegon PowerTank, 7Ah (84Wh)
Omegon PowerTank, 7Ah (84Wh)
Omegon PowerTank, 7Ah (84Wh)
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Manufacturer's product description:

Omegon Power Tank - The portable power supply for your telescope

The best observing sites and the darkest skies are often found deep in the countryside - but unfortunately there is no electricity there. The Omegon Power Tank then becomes the power source for your telescope. You are no longer tied to balcony, garden and power socket.

It allows you to take your telescope anywhere, and to enjoy the best skies at your favourite observing sites.

For Goto telescopes and simple motor tracking

The Omegon Power Tank is suitable for all GoTo telescopes with 12V tracking motors. Place the Omegon Power Tank next to your telescope, connect the power cable to the telescope and the cigarette lighter socket in the Tank and your telescope will operate for many hours.

Your Power Tank's status

Four different LED lights will always let you know your Power Tank's status. The green LED is lit shows it is ready to use. The yellow LED lights up when it needs charging. It comes with an AC adapter included for re-charging at a power socket. . You can avoid a deep discharge, as it always indicates when it needs to be charged, ensuring years of observing enjoyment.

A handy light for assembling and disassembling your telescope

A bright lamp, using around 30 LEDs, is provided for helping when you assemble and disassemble your telescope. An additional red lamp is also provided for when observing.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Power Tank is a portable power supply for your telescope
  • two 12V cigarette lighter socket
  • includes connection cable for Skywatcher and Celestron telescopes
  • large lamp and smaller lamp with flashing option
  • red light lamp
  • AC adapter for charging the Power Tank

(currently comes labelled with the Starguider logo)

Our expert comment:

Please consider the following advice to improve the lifetime of your battery:

  • Never discharge your battery completely. Turn off your mount before. So you can protect your mount from overvoltage.
  • Do not store the battery, when it is empty.
  • Do not charge the battery too long. Turn off your charging station as soon as the battery is fully loaded.

(Sandra Eguay)

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