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Omegon Astronomy torch Black light combination lamp

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Manufacturer: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Astronomy torch Black light combination lamp
Omegon Astronomy torch Black light combination lamp
Product description
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Product description:

Omegon Black Light Lamp
This black light combination lamp is your trusty companion for nocturnal excursions when you want to be able to see without being dazzled. The night sky is a miracle of nature which we can only appreciate in all its splendour away from city lights. Do you use a star map to find stars or constellations? Then you are still missing something…

UV light for your star map
It is now dark and you can hardly see your hand in front of your face. You can forget about simply reading a star map. You need light! But be careful, white light dazzles and will destroy the dark adaption of your eyes that took you so long and you will no longer be able to see as many stars. Only a special kind of light is suitable for seeing with dark adapted eyes without dazzling.

Enjoying the stars without dazzle
The Omegon Black Light Lamp employs UV light which mostly illuminates fluorescent white and colours. When you shine it on a star map the stars illustrated in it will suddenly light up. A fascinating effect which is very practical for observers of the sky!

Combined function
The Omegon combination lamp has a UV tube but also possesses a normal white light LED. The particular lighting type you require can be selected by means of a switch. The four Mignon AA/LR5 batteries used are enough to provide lighting for long periods.

What is UV light?
UV light is light with of short wavelength which extends directly from the violet part of the visible light spectrum. The Omegon combination lamp uses so-called UV-A light, also popularly known as 'black light'.

Nocturnal geocaching
The UV lamp is very suitable for nocturnal geocaching. This form of modern treasure hunting often uses instructions that can only be read by using a UV lamp.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • combination black light lamp
  • UV light tube
  • also has bright white LED light
  • suitable for star maps with optical brighteners
  • in addition, we recommend the Omegon 'Star Chart Planisphere' star map or the Kosmos Star Map for beginners
  • practical for geocaching


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