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Mount Twinmaster AZ

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Product description

Omegon Twinmaster - An azimuth mount for two telescopes

Perhaps you have more than just a single telescope? Do you want your mount to be able to take both your telescope and a large pair of binoculars for example? Nothing could be easier for the Omegon Twinmaster. This altazimuth mount can carry two optical instruments simultaneously.

The all-rounder for two instruments

Simply attach your main telescope and another instrument of your choice - such as a pair of binoculars -onto your Twinmaster. It is best when these two instruments differ as much as possible. You then benefit from two different impressions from your observing. While you go can observe details with your telescope, your binoculars let you enjoy majestic views of the starry sky. Or use some other instruments - the advantage is that the Twinmaster allows you complete freedom.

Your instrument is mounted in one single action

Attaching your telescopes or binoculars is straightforward via the GP slots. You can attach any instrument with standard dovetail rail and secure it in place with the side screws or simply slide it into place. This means you can assemble and disassemble your setup on this azimuth mount extremely quickly.

Fine movement in all directions

The practical manual axis locks allow any instrument to be freed to move and then easily fixed again when the desired position has been reached. Two separate knobs offer precise slow motion movement in any direction. Also very practical is being able to use the slow motions to track with both instruments simultaneously. That means no stress and maximum comfort during observing.

Up to 13 kg weight of telescope - on each side

The Omegon Twinmaster can carry instruments up to 13kg in weight. As a result, the mount is well suited for larger optical instruments. It can take a 10 inch SC OTA for example.

The 20mm counterweight shaft (counterweights not included) is used to set the right counterweight for optimal balance. The counterweight shaft can be used for offsetting the weight of either the right or left instrument load, as required.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • altazimuth mount for mounting two instruments at the same time
  • also suitable for heavy optical instruments, up to 13kg
  • simultaneous tracking using slow motions for both instruments
  • manual clamps for each instrument
  • fast connection via GP slot
  • one 20mm counterweight shaft

Attention: the mount will be delivered without tripod!



Max. additional load capacity (kg)
Diameter of counterweight bar (mm)
Weight mount head only (kg)
Mounting saddle

Special features

Fine adjustment
Fitting for prism rail


Tripod <p>
without tripod


Type of build

Recommended accessories

Telescope accessories (2)

Omegon stainless-steel tripod

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Omegon Mount Twinmaster AZ
Omegon Mount Twinmaster AZ
Omegon Mount Twinmaster AZ

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