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Omegon Universal digital camera adapter

Product no.: 8294
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Manufacturer's product description:

Omegon universal camera adapter - The simple connection between camera and telescope

The rugged lunar surface floats majestically before you in the eyepiece; the Great Red Spot on Jupiter does its rounds directly before your eyes; the rings of the Saturn, looking as if they have been punched out, seem to float around the planet. One experiences such fascinating moments again and again, would not also be nice to be able to keep these memories?

You can simply attach your camera to the telescope

The Omegon universal camera adapter allows you to quickly and easily attach your digicam or camcorder onto your telescope. A metal clamp on the adapter attaches it to the 1.25“ eyepiece at the telescope and it is held securely in place via a thumbscrew.

A block with a ¼” photo screw on the adapter can take cameras of up to around 500 grams. The camera can then be easily adjusted by rotating it in two axes until it is precisely lined up with the eyepiece.

The solid construction of the rod and adjustment bar ensures that your camera and telescope stay firmly connected together.

Your universal camera adapter is suitable for the following:

  • the adapter is suitable for all telescopes with 1.25” eyepieces having an outside diameter of up to approximately 35mm.
  • you can also attach the camera adapter to a microscope, small spotting scope or large pair of binoculars.
  • all the usual compact digicams, smaller camcorders and other cameras of up to 500g can be used.

  1. The camera can be attached to the adapter and then onto the telescope extremely rapidly. The straightforward process of then aligning the camera to the eyepiece will very quickly become routine. You will then be able to quickly and easily take photos of the moon and planets whenever you want. The Omegon universal camera adapter is also the ideal choice for beginners, as it lets them take their first beautiful astrophotographs of the moon and planets with a minimum of effort.
  2. The advantages in a nutshell:

  • solid camera adapter for small to middle-sized cameras
  • simple attachment to any telescope with a 1.25” focuser
  • exact position can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally
  • can take cameras of up to around 500g in weight

Our expert comment:

Tip: Your camera lens and the 1/4" photo thread should be in the same plane and not offset. If the lens and photo thread are offset on your camera, we recommend the Omegon universal digital camera adapter, 28-45mm.

(Marcus Schenk)

Other adapters:

In addition to this inexpensive camera adapter, we also have other models in our product range.

The MikroStage II is of special interest. This adapter has a locking function with which the camera can be swivelled away and is always then easy to swing back into position again:

The MikroStage II is of interest mainly for lighter cameras.

For heavier cameras, we recommend a more rigid version such as

[ "“ ]


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