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Smartphone holder for finder shoe

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Product description

Omegon smartphone holder - lets you use your phone to navigate your telescope

Do you want to become more familiar with the night sky? Sometimes it is not at all that easy to locate objects - you need star maps, finder scopes or other aids. But how about simply using your phone? Give it a try as a navigation aid for use with your telescope. The Omegon Smartphone holder can easily do just that!

The advantages in a nutshell

  • use your smartphone as navigation aid on your telescope
  • easily locate constellations and objects without needing a star chart
  • works fantastically well with SkySafari™ and other dynamic planetarium apps
  • fits perfectly onto every Vixen-style finder shoe
  • ideal addition to a finder scope
  • suitable for Smartphones up to 93mm in width

The navigator for the night sky

A smartphone is the modern all-rounder for your pocket. Now it even has the right star chart app for your telescope. Insert your mobile phone into the holder and then slide the whole thing into the finder scope shoe of your telescope. The holder then sits parallel to your telescope, like a finder scope.

Constellations and objects easily located

The display on your phone shows you just where you are looking in the night sky, wherever your telescope is pointed. What objects are there in that region? All today's planetarium apps will show you this at a glance. We recommend SkySafari, but other apps work beautifully too. This adapter can be viewed as the modern alternative to a classical star atlas.

For smartphones up to 93mm in width

Most mobile phones will easily fit into the holder. It can be steplessly adjusted to take devices with a width of up to 93mm.

For telescopes up to 200mm in aperture

The Omegon smartphone bracket is made entirely of aluminium, so your phone's digital compass will still function accurately and smoothly. It can be used with telescopes up to 200mm in aperture. With larger telescopes, the phone should be held further away from the metal tube of the telescope. There is a solution for this too - the Trifinder, which we can also supply.

Using your smartphone with this bracket is also quick and easy for casual observing. And that's how it should be! The object itself is much more interesting than the way to it.

Our expert comment:

The best tips for easy astronomy photos can be found in our magazine article Astrophotography for beginners



Camera bracket
Type of build
Smart Phone Imaging Adapter

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Omegon Smartphone holder for finder shoe
Omegon Smartphone holder for finder shoe
Omegon Smartphone holder for finder shoe
Omegon Smartphone holder for finder shoe
Omegon Smartphone holder for finder shoe
Omegon Smartphone holder for finder shoe
Omegon Smartphone holder for finder shoe

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