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okular- och tillbehörsväska stor

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Omegon eyepiece case - the big case for a great start in astronomy

Every telescope needs accessories for worthwhile observing. The big Omegon case provides you with an easy start in the world of accessories. You do not need to worry about eyepieces, filters, or Barlow lenses. Simply reach for this starter pack for your first observing sessions, allowing you to concentrate on what the real fascination is - the observing itself.

32 mm Ploessl eyepiece

Don't look for objects, find them! This 32 mm eyepiece combines a low magnification with a large field of view of the sky. Observing with this eyepiece is particularly pleasant, as the ocular lens is really large at this focal length. This eyepiece is optimally suitable for the initial location of objects. A 130/920 mm telescope, for example, will give a 1.5 ° field of view of the sky with this eyepiece.

With the wide angle to the stars

The ultra wide angle eyepiece provides a slightly higher to medium magnification with a huge field of view of 66°. An ocular lens diameter of 21mm means you will always have comfortable viewing. Even extended objects are no longer cut off but can be observed in their full glory. Many eyepiece cases only provide very simple eyepieces, but here it is different: You benefit from high quality equipment.

Going to higher magnifications: Ploessl 10mm and 6.3 mm eyepieces

These two eyepieces will take you into the world of the high magnification. Discover details on Jupiter, put the rings of Saturn under the microscope or marvel at vast planetary nebulae.

For many uses: a metal Barlow lens

The Omegon 2X Barlow lens can be coupled to an eyepiece or camera. In both cases, it will double the focal length of your telescope. Together with the respective eyepiece, you achieve the double the magnification. The Barlow is a multi-coated to provide you with a clear image,

Filters for the solar system

There is a lot to observe in the solar system, so this case provides not only eyepieces, but also filters. With five different colours - in yellow, green, red, dark and light blue - you can discover numerous details on our planets. The additional Crystal View moon filter neutralises the moon's glare.

The colour filters:

red 23A

yellow 12

dark blue 38A

green 56

light blue 82A

Images that you would like to capture

Record the objects you observe with a focal plane and projection camera adapter. Connect your SLR camera via an additional T2 ring (optional extra) and take pictures of the Moon, with its many thousands of craters, or the larger planets.

The contents:

32mm Ploessl eyepiece

15mm wide angle eyepiece

10mm Ploessl eyepiece

6.3mm Ploessl eyepiece

2X Barlow lens

5 colour filters

Moon filter

camera adapter

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • sturdy metal accessories case with precisely shaped foam insert
  • four eyepieces in 32, 15, 10, 6.3mm focal lengths
  • from which, a 66° wide-angle eyepiece of 15mm focal length
  • sturdy 2X metal Barlow lens
  • 5 colour filters, 1 Crystal View 1.25" moon filter
  • focal plane and projection camera adapter for getting started in photography

Tekniska data


Brännvidd (mm)
6; 9; 15; 32
Adapter (på teleskopsidan)
Synfält (°)
Korrigering av optiken

Särskilda egenskaper

Justerbar ögonmussla
Kameraadapter som tillval


Antal okular
Adapter (på teleskopsidan)
Brännvidd (mm)
6; 9; 15; 32


Silver/metallic (glansig)
Vikt (g)
Utsidesmått LxBxH (cm)
Insidesmått LxBxH (cm)
Typ av byggnad


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Omegon aluminiumväska stor

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Omegon okular- och tillbehörsväska stor
Omegon okular- och tillbehörsväska stor
Omegon okular- och tillbehörsväska stor

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