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Pro Kolossus-monteringspaket med halvpelare och stativ

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Mount for large binoculars: observing the stars is easier than ever
The Omegon Kolossus is a new parallelogram mount for large binoculars. With it, observing stars is a pleasurable experience. You will feel as if your binoculars are weightless and almost floating in the air. This is taken care of by a three-part swivel arm, 360-degree rotation, and a mechanism that allows you to perfectly balance your binoculars. For relaxed and fascinating observations that are simply more fun.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Stable binoculars mount in parallelogram design for easy and intuitive observation
  • From the horizon to the zenith: reach every target - smoothly and within seconds
  • Perfect for large binoculars up to 5kg with a straight view eyepiece
  • Observe without needing to kneel on the ground or to contort yourself
  • For large binoculars, for example: 20x80, 25x100
  • With 2 counterweights to balance your binoculars

What can a parallelogram mount do?
What is the difference compared to other tripods or a fork mount? Normal camera tripods have various disadvantages: they are often too unstable, too low, and the viewing angle is uncomfortable. A fork mount is only useful for binoculars with an angled view. But what about large binoculars with a straight view? How can you enjoy astronomy with one of these? With a parallelogram mount. This is manoeuvrable, intuitive and has a strong metal arm that holds your binoculars at any height and position. Almost like a Dobsonian telescope for binoculars.

Always in the best position
This newly-developed parallelogram mount holds your binoculars in any position you want. From the horizon to the zenith: every point in the sky is easily accessible. There are no fixing screws, levers, or anything else. At night, simply move your binoculars towards your chosen celestial object - and it will remain stable in that position.

Two handles, everything to hand
The binoculars sit on an L-bracket with two handles, which you can easily operate even when wearing gloves. Small pans and corrections of the field of view are possible thanks to the two freely moving axes.

Standing, sitting, lying down. Tall or small. Everything is possible.
You can decide whether you prefer to observe standing, sitting, or even lying down. Shorter and taller people can observe together without having to adjust the tripod height. Pull the binoculars into the desired position and observe in the way that is most comfortable for you.

As light as a feather. High load capacity with counterweights.
An 86-centimetre counterweight bar and two 3.7-kilogram counterweights. These allow you to perfectly balance large binoculars weighing up to 5kg, and operate them easily, as if they hardly weighed a thing. For heavier binoculars over 5kg you will need a second counterweight - just take a look at the accessories available.

Made in the EU in Portugal
You are getting a premium product with the Kolossus mount, which we produce in small quantities in Portugal and assemble by hand.

Further advantages:

  • Fully retractable for easy transport
  • Locking system: this allows you to safely transport the binoculars mount in one piece without any elements swinging apart
  • Compatible with Vixen-style prism rails
  • You can also use the mount with small refractors (lens telescopes)
  • Transport dimensions 97cm x 28cm x 24cm (LxWxH with bag)

Scope of supply:
Kolossus mount, counterweight bar, 2x 3.7kg counterweights, L-bracket with ¼" thread and handles, transport bag, stainless steel tripod, half pier

Note: binoculars are not included. Heavier binoculars weighing more than 5 kg require a second counterweight.

Tekniska data


Belastbarhet (kg)
5kg (mit den Gegengewichten im Lieferumfang)


Totalvikt (kg)
Utsidesmått LxBxH (cm)


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Vård och rengöring (4)

Omegon Rengöringssats för optik 7 i 1

$ 19,90*

*Alla priser inkluderar moms, leveranskostnader tillkommer.

Omegon Pro Kolossus-monteringspaket med halvpelare och stativ
Omegon Pro Kolossus-monteringspaket med halvpelare och stativ
Omegon Pro Kolossus-monteringspaket med halvpelare och stativ
Omegon Pro Kolossus-monteringspaket med halvpelare och stativ
Omegon Pro Kolossus-monteringspaket med halvpelare och stativ
Omegon Pro Kolossus-monteringspaket med halvpelare och stativ

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