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Kompakt tubkikare 40x80mm med binoviewer

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Enjoy nature with both eyes

With this binocular spotting scope, you can observe nature in a relaxed way with both eyes. Featuring 80mm ED-coated optics for sharp images, a new compact binocular system, and self-centering eyepieces. All this for vivid observations, allowing you to see nature like never before.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Binocular spotting scope to experience nature three-dimensionally with both eyes
  • 80mm aperture so that you can enjoy a bright image even at dusk
  • Two high-quality eyepieces with 40-times magnification
  • Perfect for those who want to observe naturally and comfortably
  • 1/4 inch tripod connection and mini prism rail
  • Sturdy case for outdoor use
  • A dream for two eyes, allowing you hours of relaxed observing

80mm ED APO lens for a crystal-clear view

High contrast, reduced chromatic aberration: the 80mm ED lens delivers sharpness and a clear image. Enjoy viewing distant objects, or wildlife in great detail, or maybe take a trip to the Moon. For observations that are as clear as crystal.

Mirror binoculars: the concept for better images

These are powerful binoculars! There is no prism, instead they feature a new beam splitter. This gives you 99% reflection. This means:

  • a better image
  • more contrast
  • less aberration

Less light is lost, thanks to the mirror system, and you get bright images. Even at higher magnifications.

Sliding System for perfect interpupillary distance

The binocular spotting scope has a modern sliding system for the perfect viewing position. Use a scale to precisely set your personal interpupillary distance of between 58 and 74mm. In practice this means that the whole family can enjoy the experience, because at the narrowest setting your children will also be able to observe with it.

LE eyepieces: a pleasure for the eyes

The two LE eyepieces offer you comfortable viewing. Large lenses and a wide interpupillary distance make nature observation a wonderful experience, even for beginners. With 40 times magnification, you bring objects closer to you, while still maintaining a two-degree overview. The eyepieces centre themselves and remain gentle on the eye. But the special highlight: at any time you can exchange the eyepieces with others with a higher magnification. It is compatible with all 1.25-inch eyepieces which you can, of course, buy from us.

One turn for brilliant sharpness

Observing for hours and adjusting the focus. Your fingers can get very cold. To prevent this from happening to you, you can also comfortably adjust the focus with gloves on. Even if you don't need this feature in summer: the focus wheel is so large that you will find it intuitively without searching.

Everything in the carrying case, everything to hand!

Out and about travelling or just on the way to the next observing location: your binocular spotting scope and eyepieces are safely stored in a sturdy foam-padded carrying case. There's also space for another pair of eyepieces, for example with higher magnification. So you can ensure your equipment is well-protected when you take it with you.

Why observe with two eyes?

Observing wildlife with two eyes gives you a three-dimensional effect. This means: animals, trees and other objects appear more plastic than with a single eyepiece. The Moon looks bigger and you feel as though you are floating over the surface. A really fantastic experience is to watch a lunar eclipse. Why is that? You benefit from the natural visual experience that you are used to in everyday life. These binoculars produce the same spatial impression that your brain is already familiar with from spatial vision. That's what makes observing exciting.

Scope of supply:

  • 80mm binocular ED spotting scope
  • Two premium Omegon LE 12.5mm eyepieces worth EUR200
  • Prism rail
  • Stable, shock-proof and waterproof carrying case

Tekniska data


1 1/4"
Anslutning (andra adapteränden)
Utgångspupill (mm)
Typ av byggnad
Modulärt system
Frontlinsdiameter (mm)
fullständig, multipel
Synfält 1000 m (m)
Korrigering av optiken
fullständig, multipel

Särskilda egenskaper

Okular medföljer


Närinställningsgräns (m)
Synfält 1000 m (m)
Verkligt synfält (°)


Bredd (mm)
Vikt (g)
Höjd (mm)
Längd (mm)


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Omegon Kompakt tubkikare 40x80mm med binoviewer
Omegon Kompakt tubkikare 40x80mm med binoviewer
Omegon Kompakt tubkikare 40x80mm med binoviewer
Omegon Kompakt tubkikare 40x80mm med binoviewer
Omegon Kompakt tubkikare 40x80mm med binoviewer
Omegon Kompakt tubkikare 40x80mm med binoviewer
Omegon Kompakt tubkikare 40x80mm med binoviewer

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