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Omegon Cronus T2 Adapter
Omegon Cronus T2 Adapter
Omegon Cronus T2 Adapter
Omegon Cronus T2 Adapter
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Product description:

Photo ring T2 - direct T2 connection for 1.25" eyepieces

Included in delivery: 1 piece (31.6mm inner diameter for attaching to the eyepiece - T2 outer thread; M42x0.75)

To use your Cronus eyepiece on a camera, you will need only this adapter and a T2 ring (not included in delivery).

Remove the eyecup.

Unscrew the thin ring from the eyepiece and rotate the body of the eyepiece down a bit with the rubber armoring. You will now see a previously concealed groove appear in the upper part of the eyepiece.

Insert the photo ring T2 adapter (with the threads facing upwards) onto the eyepiece and tighten the three screws on the side. These engage in the groove and lock the ring in place. You can now connect your T2 ring using the threads on the photo ring.

Now just connect everything to your camera and you are well set up for astrophotography.

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