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Astroshop Test (pomiar) filtra

Numer produktu: 49198
Marka: Astroshop

$ 23,90

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Astroshop Test (pomiar) filtra
Astroshop Test (pomiar) filtra
Astroshop Test (pomiar) filtra
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Filter measurement: Let your eyepiece measured

When buying a mist filter many amateur astronomers are uncertain. I buy a high-quality filter? Does my filter the right wavelengths happen? Who buys a mist filter, is interested in these questions. Because who does not want to enjoy the maximum power at the observation?

Let your filter we surveyed. In our optical workshop, an ultramodern UV-VIS spectrometer is used. Thus our experts exactly the transmission curve of your filter determine. You will receive an individual test protocol: The best best evidence that your filter is the right ramparts lengths happen.


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