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Omegon Uchwyt kamery CMOS camera mount

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Omegon Uchwyt kamery CMOS camera mount
Omegon Uchwyt kamery CMOS camera mount
Omegon Uchwyt kamery CMOS camera mount
Omegon Uchwyt kamery CMOS camera mount
Omegon Uchwyt kamery CMOS camera mount
Omegon Uchwyt kamery CMOS camera mount
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A small bracket for big photos - guiding - meteors - wide field images

Make taking astronomy photos and guiding easier - this CMOS camera mounting bracket for astronomy cameras lets you succeed right from the start. Save on a large and heavy guiding telescope and mount your 1.25" planetary, guiding or deep sky camera with much less fuss.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • 1.25" mounting bracket for easy mounting of 1.25" (31.7mm) CMOS astronomy cameras and for guiding with board lenses
  • 60mm holder - for attaching your camera to CNC tube ring clamps
  • 2 x 1/4" vertical and horizontal threads - for mounting to a telescope or standard camera tripod
  • black anodized aluminium
  • comes with 3mm Hex key

For guiding with board lenses

Light, small and almost inconspicuous. So you can now mount your astronomy camera onto a telescope. You also no longer need a large guide-scope, just a board lens that attaches to your astronomy camera. This not only saves space, it also works on smaller telescopes.

Mount your camera parallel to the tube ring clamps on your telescope. This works very simply via the 60mm hole spacing in the bracket - suitable for many CNC tube ring clamps.

Digital finder-scope

It is sometimes awkward or impractical to look through the finder-scope. Turn your camera into a digital finder-scope with the CMOS camera bracket. Simply mount the holder onto the tube ring clamps or onto a small prism rail.

1/4" thread for tripods - allows meteor photography

The camera mount has a 1/4" photo thread - allowing you to mount your camera onto a normal camera tripod with a ball head or panoramic head, to let you get into meteor photography or sky surveys.

Wide field photos with astronomy cameras

Up to now, you could only combine your astronomy camera with a telescope - why not change that straight away with new ideas. For example, for wide-field photos of the night sky, star trails or time-lapse photos.

Included in delivery

- camera mounting bracket for 1.25" cameras

- Hex key


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