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Thermalfox LCD Screen

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Product description

NV Bino: Step into the night with both eyes open
This digital night-vision device is suitable for everyone wanting to identify items at night. A large LCD screen comfortably shows you what is happening during the night. Whether it be animals in your own garden, during wild hunts, or unwanted guests on your land, you can photograph or film everything at the touch of a button. And even send it to your smartphone.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Turn night to day: Observe and film in complete darkness
  • Large viewing screen: Comfortably observe whilst keeping both eyes open - no need to squint or shut one eye
  • WiFi remote function: Control your night-vision device using a smartphone or tablet up to a distance of 15 metres
  • 4-times digital zoom: Zoom in on and clearly recognise even small objects
  • In cold or hot conditions: This night-vision device works at temperatures between -20 and +60 degrees Celsius.
  • IR light: 7 adjustable strengths for visibility up to 100 with no residual light
  • So that you can discover and view nocturnal animals as if as bright as day

Screen for comfortable viewing using both eyes
Rather than looking through an eyepiece, you can view the large, 98mm-wide screen using both eyes. This makes observation particularly comfortable and natural. Long observation sessions provide a lot of joy.

Simple nocturnal navigation
The night-vision device has 6 slightly raised keys which can be easily operated nocturnal operation. In addition to the capture function, already captured photos and videos can be played back on the night-vision device to check their quality.

7-step IR intensifier
In complete darkness, IR comes into its own. This technology provides enough power where other residual light fails. The result? Being able to identify everything even in thick woodland or very dark locations at a distance of 100 metres.

WiFi remote: Long-distance images sent directly to your smartphone
Images and videos direct to your smartphone? A doddle with this night-vision device. An integrated WiFi module provides a connection to your smartphone. All functions can be remotely controlled via a free app.

Photos and videos on your PC
With a micro SD card slot and an additional USB connection, you can easily transfer your images and videos to your PC.

(Note: Manual only provided in English.)



Display resolution (Pixel)
Battery type
18650 (2 pieces)
Type of build
Display screen
Image display
Different versions (Colour)
Appropriate for night vision gear
Thermalfox thermal camera


Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)

Recommended accessories

Maintenance & Cleaning (4)

Omegon 7-in-1 lens cleaning set

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Omegon Thermalfox LCD Screen
Omegon Thermalfox LCD Screen
Omegon Thermalfox LCD Screen
Omegon Thermalfox LCD Screen
Omegon Thermalfox LCD Screen
Omegon Thermalfox LCD Screen

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