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Omegon Pro aluminium tripod

Product no.: 33147
Manufacturer: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Pro aluminium tripod
Omegon Pro aluminium tripod
Omegon Pro aluminium tripod
Omegon Pro aluminium tripod
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Product description:

Omegon Pro aluminium tripod - an all-round tripod

Elegant design and high rigidity: The Omegon Pro tripod excels with its excellent workmanship. The beefy tripod legs have a tube diameter of 28mm. Why is this important? Because it means it can carried a high load but is very easy to transport nevertheless.

Go on a journey of discovery with the new Omegon Pro tripod, - along with your binoculars, camera or even a small telescope. You can only discover something when you are directly on the scene and this is exactly what this tripod is perfect for. Simply take it out of its compact bag, slide out the three legs, and you have a stable support, no matter whether on a mountain top you have just climbed, the panorama at the edge of a lake or somewhere completely different - it is an all-round tripod

Differences to the carbon-fibre tripod:

  • cheaper
  • slightly heavier
  • looks great, but not quite as elegant as carbon-fibre version
  • entirely black, while the carbon-fibre tripod is black and red

Compact: So it can accompany you anywhere

With a length of only 42cm, this tripod can be taken with you virtually anywhere. It is hardly noticeable in its matching tripod bag. Who would believe that there was an entire tripod in this small bag? And the best thing is that you can take the tripod out of its compact carrying case and have it set up ready to use in less than a minute.

High, higher and still higher

Can be held safely, even when it is cold outside:

There are three thick foam rubber handles located at the points you would normally use to carry the tripod, so even if it is cold you do not necessarily need gloves. The soft grip handles make holding the legs as pleasant as possible.

A quick adjustment - and it's now a monopod

Is it possible to make it even more compact, even lighter? Yes - with the same tripod. In just a few steps, you can transform your tripod into a monopod. Simply unscrew one of the legs and attach it to the centre column. This monopod comes in very handy - especially when your luggage really has to be as minimal as possible. You can also use it with your camera or binoculars.

One click to adjust the legs

Nature is not usually as level as parquet flooring, but the tripod needs to support your equipment levelly. To help you achieve this as easily as possible, each leg can be adjusted in three steps. Aim your equipment at your subject and, whether on a steep stony path or on your lawn, you know it will be straightforward to set up your tripod.

Macro photography made ​​easy

Not only the distance but also close proximity can be interesting. The Omegon carbon- fibre tripod is therefore also suitable for macro photography. To do this, simply detach the centre column from the tripod completely and re-insert it again upside down.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • easy transportation: in a compact carrying case.
  • one from three: can be turned into a monopod
  • rigid twist clamping
  • always comfortable to use - with foam grips
  • macro photography possible
The compact collapsed tripod

Turn your tripod into a monopod by simply using the centre column and a tripod leg (head not included in delivery)

The tripod converts into a monopod (head not included in delivery)

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