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Omegon Astronomy torch Twin Light with brightness control

Product no.: 33137
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Astronomy torch Twin Light with brightness control
Product description
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Product description:

Omegon red light torch - A torch for observing at night

Imagine you are outside in the middle of the night, the stars are shining overhead and you want to begin observing with your telescope. But it is dark - obviously! And you need a torch for finding your way around at the observing site and for being able to read the focal lengths on your eyepieces when setting up for the next object on your star map.

A white torch would immediately destroy your eyes' dark adaptation. Your pupils would instantly contract like an automatic iris - a protective function of our eyes. This makes a red astronomy torch essential.

Red light - lets you see everything at night

The Omegon red light torch ensures that you do not lose your eyes' nocturnal dark adaptation. It takes about half an hour for our pupils to fully dilate in the dark. Only then can we really see faint stars and other faint objects in the telescope. The red torch does not interfere with this dark adaptation. That means you can make out eyepiece focal lengths and read star charts but still remain fully dark adapted.

Dual settings - select either red or white light

A switch lets you select whether you want red or white light, using two red and two white LEDs. So you can use the bright white light to help when setting up and dismantling your telescope and switch to the red light for observing.

Adjustable to the desired brightness

You can set the torch to the level of brightness you would like. This is especially important during observing, as a low brightness setting is often sufficient for recognizing an object on the star map. The brightness control lets you ensure optimal dark adaptation.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • dual light source - red and white light
  • steplessly adjustable
  • long strap for conveniently hanging round your neck
  • 9V battery included in delivery
The dual red light lamp can be hung around the neck - so you will always have a red or white light source close at hand.


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