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Joystick type tripod head Titania 400 Action Grip

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Product description

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Omegon Titania 400 Action Grip - for fast positioning using only one hand Whether locating and focusing on a bird in flight, tracking an aircraft in the sky or observing some other moving object - success depends on speed. With the Titania Action Grip, you have it all in your grasp - so quick and simple!

Set a camera, pair of binoculars or spotting scope onto the Action Grip and you immediately gain extreme flexibility. Simply press the large button and the tripod head becomes free to move around. When you have got the object you wish to observe in the field of view, you can then easily follow it.

Everything always in your grasp

The ergonomically designed handle always offers the perfect grip for the hand, so navigating then becomes child's play. When you have the desired object in the field of view, simply release your grip and the head will immediately lock in place and remain secure.

A quick-release plate helps you to mount your instruments easily and extremely rapidly. The ¼" photo screw provides lets you mount virtually any binoculars or camera. Simply set your equipment, with the plate attached, onto the tripod head and it slots securely into place in the quick-release mechanism on the pan head with an audible click. There is also a small safety lever provided with which you can lock the quick-release mechanism.

Fly you to your target

The Action Grip is suitable for a wide range of uses, and simply for anything that is rapidly moving. Of course, it can also be used for 'normal' objects too. Bird watchers must always stay very flexible. A bird can land in one spot and, the next moment, be in a completely different spot. A normal tripod head would simply be useless here.

With a carrying capacity of for around 4kg, it is suitable for cameras with larger lenses, 20x80 large binoculars or spotting scopes of 80 or 100mm aperture. You can select the resistance it takes to move the Action Grip, depending upon the application or your preference. It can be adjusted to move very easily or somewhat more stiffly. The friction is adjusted via a small rotary knob.

The advantages in a nutshell:

- tripod head for quick, free movement

- carrying capacity up to 4kg

- simply operated by one hand

- for nature and bird watching, astronomy or plane spotting

- quick-release plate with ¼" connection and latch

- 3/8" threaded collar

- adjustable friction

- base with 3/8" thread for use on Titania tripods

- weight 780g / height 22cm



Load capacity (kg)
Thread for camerarecording

Special features

Single-handed operation


Length (cm)
Weight (kg)
Omegon Joystick type tripod head Titania 400 Action Grip
Omegon Joystick type tripod head Titania 400 Action Grip

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