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  • Amici prism
    Erecting lens for terrestrial observation with a telescope.
  • Blocking filter
    A very important part of the solar telescope system, which can only be used together with filters on the lens!
  • CLS broadband filter
    CLS stands for city light suppression, which is the suppression of artificial light.
  • ED eyepiece
    Eyepieces with an ED element, as seen in apochromatic binoculars.
  • Flattener
    The flattener is an additional lens to correct field curvature.
  • Guide scope rings
    Brackets for small telescopes used for tracking control.
  • Guidescope
    Guidescopes are small telescopes that are used to control tracking.
  • Kellner
    Inexpensive eyepieces for entry-level telescopes.
  • Line filter
    Filters that allow only light in a specific spectral line to pass through.
  • Micro focuser
    Accessory for better focusing
  • Mounts for system cameras
    Brackets for connecting cameras with photographic lenses to astronomical mounts.
  • Narrow band UHC filters
    UHC filters increase contrast by suppressing disruptive light sources.
  • Orthoscopic
    These eyepieces offer a particularly flat field of view from the centre to the edge.
  • Pass filters
    Filters with a pre-determined bandpass range
  • Planetary & comet filters
    Colour and pass filters for assisting planetary observation and photography.
  • Plössl
    Inexpensive standard eyepieces, which are also included in the scope of supply of many telescopes.
  • Pole finder
    Used to precisely align a mount to the celestial pole.
  • Rechargeable battery
    A rechargeable battery can be recharged and re-used many times.
  • SWA
    Eyepieces with an apparent field of view of between 60° and 70°.
  • Smartphone adapter
    With this adapter, the smartphone becomes a simple planetary camera.
  • Tripod accessories
    Adapters, storage shelves and other useful tripod accessories.
  • UWA
    Eyepieces with an apparent field of view of between 70° and 100°.
  • Vixen
    A standard measurement for prism rails and clamps, introduced by the manufacturer Vixen.
  • Zenith mirror
    Provides a comfortable telescope viewing position.
  • Zoom eyepiece
    Eyepiece with variable magnification.
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