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Binoculars General Series

Here you will find an overview of the most important binoculars series.

Series by brand:


  • APM-Bino
    Large binoculars with interchangeable eyepieces.
  • MS
    High-quality binoculars with nitrogen filling.
  • Magnesium ED APO
    High contrast and piercingly sharp images across the entire field.


  • Sahara
    Inexpensive binoculars for travelling and hiking
  • Savannah
    Binoculars with good optical quality, a modern design and robust housing
  • Series 4
    Perfect binoculars for hiking and walks in the country.
  • Sierra
    Robust, weather-proof binoculars at a very reasonable price!
  • Skyline
    Fully-equipped entry-level binoculars




  • Elite
    The brilliance is revealed at every glance.
  • Engage
  • Excursion HD
    Less than 700 grams, and yet a heavyweight in its class.
  • Falcon
    Fully coated lenses guarantee a bright and sharp image.
  • Forge
  • Fusion 1 Mile ARC
    Binoculars and rangefinder united in perfection.
  • H2O
    The ultimate companion on and by the water.
  • Legacy
    Inexpensive, yes, but without saving on optical performance.
  • Legend
    The Legend series of binoculars are fully loaded - the ones with simply the greatest range of functions in their class.
  • Marine
    Built to withstand even the toughest conditions on the water...
  • Natureview
    A natural selection for wildlife observers
  • Nitro
  • Off Trail
    Go anywhere. See everything.
  • PermaFocus
    Permanently sharp. Permanently clear.
  • Powerview
    The world's best-selling line of binoculars
  • Prime
  • Spectator Sport
    Handy sports optics for long distances.
  • StableView
    Looking through binoculars from a boat or plane is often like a Martini – SHAKEN AND STIRRED.
  • Trophy
    Quality of life is directly proportional to how much of it you spend outside.
  • Xtra-Wide
    The panoramic view that delivers what the action promises.


  • IS
    Almost as if the binoculars were mounted on a tripod.




  • Aspectem
    The faraway up close!
  • Compact
    The Compact model range comprises modern compact binoculars equipped with leading-edge optical systems
  • ED
    Powerful Optic — Functional Design
  • Mono
    The miniature monocular for every pocket are destined to become your permanent companion


  • Alpina
    If you’re looking for zoom binoculars, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Alpina series from Dörr.
  • Alpina Pro
    Powerful all-purpose binoculars in the proven Porro prism design, with or without zoom.
  • Pro Lux
    Pro Lux are low-cost binoculars from Dörr.
  • Wolf
    The Wolf series from Dörr includes inexpensive pocket binoculars.


  • Adventure
    Let Eschenbach take you on an expedition of adventure!
  • Arena
    The great all-rounders that aren't just for beginners
  • Bison
    Discover the forest!
  • Club
    Different from the rest.
  • Farlux
    Sheer pleasure for the eyes
  • Glamour
    Opera glasses in the classic "Parisian style".
  • Microlux
    The perfect monocular for dedicated minimalists.
  • Regatta
    Individual. Stylish. Different.
  • Sektor
    Roof prism binoculars at a very attractive price
  • Trophy
    Experience nature with trophy
  • Vektor
    Different from the rest.
  • Viva
    Up-close and stylish!


  • FMT
    Absolutely essential on board.
  • KF
    More fun on the water in sight.
  • LB
    Far and wide the biggest!
  • Stabiscope
    Fascinating observations without shaking, even from a moving car.
  • Techno-Stabi
  • WP
    For pure pleasure on the water.


  • Geco
    Perfect introduction to the world of high-quality observing optics.
  • Gold
    No compromise on quality!



  • Lightwing HR
    All-rounder binoculars for demanding nature lovers
  • Mistral
    These binoculars are excellent value for money and are especially suitable for bird watching!
  • Nitrosport
    All-rounder for nature lovers and sports fans
  • Solana
    Inexpensive binoculars with good optical performance


  • BD
    All-rounder binoculars in a lightweight housing.
  • BD II XD
    The BD II XD range of wide-angle binoculars from Kowa are designed for a high degree of observing comfort.
  • High Lander
    Large, high-end binoculars with fluorite crystal lenses.
  • SV
    Compact and optically fast travel binoculars.
  • SV-II
    Enhancements to the Kowa SV series include an optimised focus wheel and new eyecups.
  • YF
    Modern Porro prism binoculars with a retro look.


  • Atom
    Binoculars for outdoor excursions



  • MeoPro HD
    Convinces with outstanding performance at a low price.
  • MeoRange HD
    Designed for hunting in mountain terrain.
  • MeoSport
    Thanks to its attractive size and low weight, they can be with you everywhere you go.
  • MeoStar B1
    Their European heritage, the careful craftsmanship and optical perfection ensure the very best visual experience.
  • MeoStar B1.1
    Weather-resistant binoculars with high light-gathering capability, for hunting and nature-watching.
  • Optika
    Weather-resistant binoculars with HD lenses.


  • BD
    BD binoculars are characterized by their excellent optical design.
  • BF
    Powerful binoculars for price-conscious outdoor enthusiasts.
  • BL
    Everything the user expects from premium binoculars "made in Germany".
  • BN
    For the passionate water sports enthusiast.
  • BV
    Robust all-round binoculars.
  • HG
    The new MINOX binoculars gold standard.
  • MD
    These small monoculars are perfect for those who like to travel light.
  • Ms
    From very close up to far away - monoculars with macro function.


  • Action EX
    Large field of view, built for the most demanding conditions.
  • Aculon
    Modern pocket binoculars with a metallic finish, classic porro prisms or zoom binoculars - whatever you’re looking for, there's something for everyone.
  • Astro
    Classic porro prism binoculars, which are especially suitable for astronomical observing.
  • E-II
    Nature observation at the highest level in a classic design.
  • EDG
    Experience the extraordinary.
  • High Grade
    Exceptionally compact performance.
  • Marine
    Go with the pro for smoother sailing
  • Mikron
    Elegant and compact.
  • Monarch
    An invitation to nature's majestic beauty.
    Discover a more brilliant world – beyond your wildest imagination.
  • Sportstar EX
    Big performance in sleek designs
  • StabilEyes
    Reduce vibrations for a steadier image.
  • Travelite
    Big performance in sleek designs
  • Tropical
    Go with the pro for smoother sailing
  • WX
    The culmination of 100 years of expertise.



  • Argus
    Omegon Argus are large binoculars with a magnesium housing, good contrast, and a pleasant viewing experience for spectacles wearers.
  • Blackstar
    Reliable companion.
  • Brightsky
    Omegon Brightsky binoculars are robust, waterproof, and have individual eyepiece focus.
  • Farsight
    Farsight binoculars in a classic design offer a sharp-edged image and a pleasant viewing experience for spectacle-wearers.
  • Hunter
    Fast observation instrument.
  • Monostar
    Compact and fits in any pocket.
  • Nature HD
    Omegon Nature are all-round binoculars for nature-watching with HD optics for high-contrast observation.
  • Nightstar
  • Opera
  • Orange
    The Orange range are lightweight and waterproof binoculars for an introduction to nature-watching.
  • Pocketstar
    Compact and multifunctional.
  • Seastar
  • Talron HD
    The Talron series: small and medium-sized binoculars in a stylish design with an amazingly sharp image at a moderate price.
  • Zoomstar


  • Countryman
    Ideal choice for avid nature watchers.
    Designed and built for professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Discovery WP PC
    Small in size, big in performance!
  • Imagic BGA VHD
    Lightweight, ergonomic and excellent value for money.
  • Oregon 4
    High optical standard and functionality in a well-designed housing.
  • Savanna
    Handy, light and entirely modern binoculars.
  • Traveller
    Benchmark in terms of quality, optical performance and ergonomics.



  • Astro
    Astronomy binoculars at a bargain price!
  • Giantview
    GiantView offers exceptional light collecting capability for starry sky observing.
  • Mini Giant
    The 63mm objective lenses provide bright images for star clusters.
  • Resolux
    Waterproof astronomy binoculars.
  • Scenix
    Great all-purpose binoculars for astronomy, and landscape observations during the daytime.
  • ShoreView
    Orion's ShoreView binoculars cope with any type of weather!
  • UltraView
    The UltraView series includes binoculars with large objective lens diameters at relatively low prices.


  • AD
    The customary quality combined with advanced technologies at unbeatable prices.
  • Papilio-II
    The binoculars that are also for close range use.
  • SD
    Perfect image quality guaranteed.
  • SP
    The robust companion.
  • UP
    Lightweight and compact with great optical performance.
  • ZD
    The high-end binoculars of the Pentax Sport Optics range


  • Magellan
    THE SEBEN Magellan binoculars stand out thanks to their handy design and zoom function.


  • Commander
    Indestructible. Unrivalled. Indispensable.
  • Commander Global
    The flagship among marine binoculars worldwide.
  • LRF 1700
    Measure without refocusing.
  • Navigator Pro
    Professional optics for those who take their water-based leisure activities seriously.
  • Observer
    The versatile binoculars for universal use.
  • Predator
    Compact and robust roof prism binoculars for hunting and nature-watching
  • Ranger Xtreme
    Enables the best visibility, even in low light conditions.
  • Safari Ultrasharp
    Every traveller, sports enthusiast and active person needs good binoculars to see, understand and enjoy.
  • Skyhawk 3-0
    The ideal and reliable companion for bird and nature watchers.
  • Wildlife XP
    Experience unforgettable moments.
  • XC
    USA version of the SkyHawk 3.0


  • CL
    Being there is everything.
  • EL
    Perfection without boundaries.
  • El-Range
    The target in front of your eyes. See, measure, shoot within seconds.
  • Habicht
    Observation in its traditional form
  • NL Pure
    NL Pure - the revolutionary binoculars with the largest field of view ever.
  • SLC
    Perfection meets tradition



  • DM
    Ideal for on the move.
  • Endeavor ED
    Sharpness and clarity for a superior observing experience.
  • Endeavor ED II
    Clear details and brilliant colours guaranteed!
  • Endeavor IV
    ED roof prism binoculars with high light gathering capability for nature- and bird-watching.
  • MZ
    Compact and lightweight.
  • Orros
    Perfect for a quick glance!
  • Spirit XF
    Excellent image quality and user-friendly features.


  • Apex Pro
    The ultimate waterproof roof-prism compact binoculars.
  • Artes
    Vixen offers absolute high-end ED binoculars with the ARTES series.
  • Ascot
  • Atrek
    The new standard for outdoor binoculars.
  • Atrek Color
    Colourful accents for observing fun.
  • BT
    Large binoculars for astronomical observing.
  • Foresta
  • New Apex
    Compact binoculars for every observation purpose
  • New Foresta
    New Foresta is probably the most popular series from Vixen.
  • SG
    Binoculars for astronomical observing with a wide field of view.


  • Conquest HD
    The high-performance middle class.
  • Mono
    At sporting events, at the theatre or in nature: the Monos are small and hugely versatile.
  • Nautic
    Popular with sailors for decades!
  • Terra ED
    The ideal outdoor all-rounder.

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