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Product no.: 65035

Objective ancillary microscope lens 0.5x with adapter

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This product is available in the following variants:
Magnification Price
0.5 $ 69.00
0.7 $ 69.00
2.0 $ 89.00

Product description

The Omegon ancillary lenses for stereo microscopes can be used in a variety of ways. These ancillary lenses are also suitable for Euromex, Novex, Optika and the Wiloskop from Hund thanks to the new Omegon ring adapter. The advantages of these lenses can be enormous, depending on the requirement.

With the 0.5X ancillary lens, the working distance increases to twice the value of the microscope used.

With the 0.7X ancillary lens, the working distance is increased by 40%, and with the 2.0x ancillary lens, the working distance is halved. Ancillary lenses are a great asset, especially in electronics or mineralogy, for example. You can either view a larger area of the sample, or simply increase the magnification.

With the new ring adapter, these ancillary lenses are compatible with:
Euromex: Nexus, NZ and Nexus EVO
Novex: AP-7 and AP-8
Optika: SFX, SZM, SZN and SZO.
Hund: Wiloskop (with consultation)





Working distance (mm)


Diameter (mm)
Weight (g)
Height (mm)

Recommended accessories

Microscopy (1)

Omegon LED ring lighting

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Omegon Objective ancillary microscope lens 0.5x with adapter
Application example with item 65037

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