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Product no.: 32972

Focuser Newton Hybrid Crayford Dual Speed 2"

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  • Short optical length
  • High load capacity yet relatively lightweight
  • Base plate for tube included

Product description

Crayford - Extremely low-profile design for perfect focusing

With the Omegon 2 inch Newtonian focuser, you have perfect focusing at your fingertips. The extremely low-profile design eliminates the all-too-common focusing problems.

Rotate the focus ring and you will immediately notice that the inner focusing tube slides satin-smoothly and has no play. The entire focuser has a very elegant black anodised exterior design. The interior has a mat black coating with machined-in grooves which suppress unwanted reflections.

Low-profile focuser design

The incredibly low-profile design - a squat 50mm - now allows you to pull any object into focus. And if your eyepiece or camera has to be moved a little further out? No problem - simply pull out the built-in extension tube to the length required.

Tiger Crayford - The improved Crayford focuser

'Bearing Type' is the name of the new, improved, Crayford design. The Crayford focuser design already had the advantage of a backlash-free focusing. The secret of the Omegon focuser is the use of roller ball bearings: 8 large rollers keep the inner tube firmly in position and allow the tube to slide smoothly into the desired position. An additional rack-and-pinion allows the focuser to 'stay where it's put' - the tube does not slip out of position as easily as with traditional Crayford focusers.

1:11 reduction ratio for sensitive focusing

An additional planetary gear provides 1:11 reduction for the Omegon Bearing Type. Adjustment in the 1/10 millimetre range is provided, making focusing on astronomical objects particularly straightforward as the optimal focus position can always be easily located.

High load capacity of up to 8kg

What do SLR cameras, large CCD cameras, Off-Axis guiders and large 2 inch eyepieces have in common? The answer is that they often quite heavy, especially when used in combination. For this reason, the Omegon Crayford focuser has been designed to have a particularly high load bearing capacity can support up to 8kg of accessories.

So attach all your accessories, whether light or heavy with impunity - you don't need to don't worry. You can simply get on with enjoying the night sky.

Fixing focus position for astrophotography

A lock-screw is provided for locking the focus in place for astro-photography. The focusing mechanism is now locked out, meaning you cannot accidentally change the focusing. And, once again, this focuser has the edge over the traditional Crayford design - the screw only locks the focusing mechanism, NOT the inner tube. The focuser hence remains centred as the inner tube is not put under any pressure.

Suitable for a wide range of telescopes

The base plate of the focuser does not have a fixed radius fitting. There is a good reason for this, namely that it allows you to attach the focuser to a wider range of Newtonians. It is suitable for telescopes with an aperture of 200mm upwards.

Tune your telescope, convert it and improve it with the new Tiger Omegon focuser.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • very low-profile design : eliminating many focusing problems
  • built-in extension tube : allows length to be adjusted between 50mm and 100mm
  • linear Crayford ball bearing focuser, additional rack-and-pinion for firmer hold
  • 1:11 reduction ratio - easier focusing for astro-photography
  • load-bearing capacity up to 8kg
  • compression ring clamping for 1.25" and 2" accessories - providing optimal protection
  • drill hole spacing : approx. 55mm left-right and 90mm up-down
  • overall dimensions of base plate: 90x115mm

Our expert comment:

The Astroprints Adapter ZWO EAF Motorfokus an UNCN2-G2 und TSRPN2 is suitable for connecting the ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser EAF Standard (5V).

Learn more about the Omegon focuser

The Omegon focuser employs innovative technology and is excellent value for money. The slim design means it provides better illumination with Newtonian telescopes. Previously, low aspect focusers had a small stroke or protruded a long way over the main mirror. The Omegon focuser has been designed more intelligently and works without causing any shadowing. Photographic equipment is no longer clamped onto the centre tube, meaning absolutely no slipping. The ingenious single clamp for both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces employs a single screw and a ring-shaped reducing reducer - an outstanding product! An adapter plate is required for attaching to Skywatcher Newtonians. This plate is also suitable for the new 8 inch Newtonians from Orion and Celestron.

(Bernd Gährken)



Appropriate for...
Newtonian telescopes
Gear reduction
Connection (to the telescope)
Connection ( to eyepiece)
1,25" - 2"
Load capacity (kg)
Draw Tube Travel (mm)
Optical length (mm)


Ring clamp


Height (mm)
Weight (g)
Type of build

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Omegon Focuser Newton Hybrid Crayford Dual Speed 2"
If required, the focuser can be extended by up to 50mm via the built-in extender.

Omegon Focuser Newton Hybrid Crayford Dual Speed 2"
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Customer reviews

Great upgrade

Review by T. F. on 31.12.2020 14:17:18

( 5 / 5 )

I've made a video review and live installation of this focuser on my 12" dobsonian telescope. Hope it helps if you buy a new focuser:



Review by Tüsi on 02.03.2020 15:19:05

( 5 / 5 )

Excellent, quality focuser with really really low profile.

I can get focus with my newtonian dobson + DSLR.

Had to drill 4 new holes to the tube, but worth it!

Much more better than my stock Omegon focuser (that was good tho).



Review by Whitecat on 19.10.2013 16:26:25

( 5 / 5 )

Encantado con su bajisimo perfil,alcanza foco perfectamente kon una DSLR y una rueda de filtros en un newton de 8" ,cerca del limite pero tiene enfoque,en mi caso tengo espacio incluso para una guia fuera de eje formato slim de menos de 10mm,robusta construccion probada, se mueve suavemente inkluso con 2.5 kg de peso.
Conclusion:Robusta construccion, alta tolerancia a la carga y Bajisimo perfil!!!

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