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Pro Coma Corrector 2" 0.95x

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Product description

Omegon 2" coma corrector 0.95x for Newtonian telescopes and cameras with APS-C sensor

No more distorted stars at the edges, instead an improved and clear image. The 2" Omegon coma corrector is a tool that guarantees that your astronomy photos look beautiful across the entire image field. Can be used on any Newtonian telescope with a focal ratio between f/3 and f/6.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Sharp round stars right up to the edge of the picture
  • Designed for cameras with APS-C sensor, perfect results for up to 28mm field of view
  • Reduces the focal length and increases the telescope's light gathering capability
  • Also suitable for Newtonian telescopes from 150mm
  • 56mm back focus

You can simply clip the coma corrector to your 2" focuser like an eyepiece, or screw it onto the telescope using the existing thread. The fully coated triplet lens delivers excellent images - an important tool for creating pictures with fine, round stars.



Appropriate for telescopes
Appropriate for...
f/3 - f/6
Magnification factor
Connector (at camera end)
M48x0.75 male
Number of lenses
Backfocus (mm)
Coating of optical system


Flatteners, Correctors, Reducers
Type of build
Coma corrector
Weight (g)
Length (mm)
Omegon Pro Coma Corrector 2" 0.95x
Omegon Pro Coma Corrector 2" 0.95x
Omegon Pro Coma Corrector 2" 0.95x
Omegon Pro Coma Corrector 2" 0.95x
Omegon Pro Coma Corrector 2" 0.95x

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