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Omegon EQ-500 polar finder scope

Product no.: 33354
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Product description
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Product description:

Use the Omegon telescope configurator to combine this product with other components of your choice and put your own individual telescope together! Note: telescope does not include focuser.

Omegon polar finder scope for EQ-500 mount - Precision alignment for astrophotography

This polar finder scope lets you precisely align your EQ-500 mount on the north celestial pole in a very short time. Where does that get you? - you will now be able to expose beautiful, precisely tracked images. This only becomes possible after precision alignment of the mount.

Makes aligning your mount simple

Once the polar finder scope has been attached to your mount, you will be able to find the exact position of the North Celestial Pole within just a few minutes.

Simply move your telescope until the Pole Star can be seen in the polar finder scope. Then rotate the right ascension (RA) axis until you have found the current position of the Pole Star near the celestial pole. Or align on the celestial pole using the instructions via the scale on the mount.

Illumination for use at night

Your telescope is often only a dark shadow at night, with the night sky above you. For this reason, the polar finder scope is provided with a background light so that you can see what you are doing when aligning with it. The illuminated figures and points glow in a red background light, with the brightness steplessly adjustable.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • exact tracking for astrophotography via accurate polar alignment
  • carried out in just a few minutes
  • high-quality optics for a clear view of the Pole Star
  • easy installation in your EQ-500 mount
  • built-in background illumination


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