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Deluxe eyepiece case, optimised for focal lengths from 1800mm

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Product description

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Omegon deluxe eyepiece case - for focal lengths from 1800mm

The Omegon deluxe eyepiece case has been optimised for telescope focal lengths starting from 1800mm. You do not have to worry about buying the right eyepieces, this has been already taken care of for you. Two LE eyepieces and flat field eyepiece provide a sensible gradation of magnifications. This case has been put together to particularly ensure that you receive a set of high-quality eyepieces, with excellent sharpness and contrast.


1x Omegon LE 18mm planetary eyepiece
1x Omegon LE 12.5mm planetary eyepiece
1x Omegon ED 8mm flat field planetary eyepiece

LE eyepieces - brilliant images and high light transmittance

The highly popular LE planetary eyepieces are very high contrast and a comfortable eye relief. A pleasant 20mm eye relief and large eyepiece lenses at all focal lengths ensure highly enjoyable observing. They can be used even while wearing spectacles. Soft, screw-out eyecups complete the features list for an eyepiece that you won't want to give up.

ED Flatfield eyepieces - a flat image field and high contrast

Most eyepieces suffer from image distortion at the edge of their field of view. Omegon ED Flatfield eyepieces counteract this effect. They include an ED glass lens element for particularly good image colour purity. Their optical design means they offer extremely high contrast and sharpness, far above the usual levels. Their 60° apparent field of view puts them into the category of wide angle eyepieces.

Ready for any celestial object If you have just bought a telescope, then this case provides the ideal supplement for observing at higher magnifications. Most telescopes only come equipped with simple eyepieces for lower magnifications. This case permits visual observing for all purposes. Whether observing detail in moon craters, planetary nebulas or on the planets of the solar system - you now have a suitable eyepiece for each purpose.

The case - everything prepared

Accessories can be kept in this elegantly designed aluminium accessory case. Although the case looks very compact, it provides enough room for your eyepieces, filters and other accessories. This Omegon case has also been selected to provide sufficient room for further accessories. Even large 2 “eyepieces will fit in it due to its roomy12cm deep interior. Exactly where you locate each accessory is left completely up to you: The integrated 1cm x 1cm cube 'pluck foam' material allows eyepieces to be located fairly precisely.

Our expert comment:

You can easily calculate the magnification an eyepiece provides, when used with your telescope, using the following formula:

telescope focal length divided by


eyepiece focal length

(Marcus Schenk)



Focal length (mm)
8; 12,5; 18
Connection (to the telescope)
Apparent field of view (°)
Coating of optical system

Special features

Filter thread


Number of eyepieces (piece)
Connection (to the telescope)


Outer material
Internal material
Foam (mm)
Foam insert (included in delivery)
Silver / metallic (polished)
Weight (g)
Overall size LxWxH (cm)
Internal size LxWxH (cm)
Type of build
Eyepiece set

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Omegon Deluxe eyepiece case, optimised for focal lengths from 1800mm
Omegon Deluxe eyepiece case, optimised for focal lengths from 1800mm
Omegon Deluxe eyepiece case, optimised for focal lengths from 1800mm
Omegon Deluxe eyepiece case, optimised for focal lengths from 1800mm

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