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Omegon 2'' eyepiece and filter set

Product no.: 33233
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Product description:

Omegon 2" eyepiece accessory case - discover the night sky with 2" eyepieces

Expand your telescope accessories with this cased 2" eyepiece set and use it to get into the fascinating world of deep sky observing. The three 2" eyepieces - 40mm, 32mm and 26mm in focal length - are perfect for observing extended astronomical objects at the right magnification. A 2" Barlow lens, a 2" star diagonal and 5 colour filters are also included in the set. All the equipment comes well protected and stored in an Omegon high-quality aluminum case.

Three eyepieces for your deep sky objects

You probably already have a few goals in mind: spiral galaxies, extended supernova remnants or open clusters, such as the Pleiades. These 2" eyepieces are ideal for observing all these objects. But what is actually the advantage of using 2" eyepieces? - The larger lenses mean you get a much larger field of view than with 1.25" eyepieces of the same focal length. The generous eye relief also means that they are very comfortable to use - even when wearing glasses.

2" Barlow lens - extends focal length

The 2", 2X Barlow lens doubles the focal length of your telescope and hence doubles the magnification of your eyepiece. So using your new 2" eyepieces with and without this lens gives you a total of 6 different magnifications. Of course you can also use the Barlow lens together with a reducing adapter for your 1.25" eyepieces.

Both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces are clamped with a compression ring, ensuring that your accessories are optimally held in place and protected from damage.

2" star diagonal for refractors and SC telescopes

Extend your telescope with this star diagonal and make it fit for 2” accessories. Its 2” barrel lets you connect to a refractor for example. If you have a SC telescope, then simply use the appropriate SC adapter for straightforwardly dismounting and attaching it to your SC or ACF.

5 colour filters for increasing contrast

Boost the contrast and detail in your lunar and planetary observing. The 5 different 2" colour filters - in green, yellow, orange, red and blue - tease out the fine detail on the planets and the Moon. See the Great Red Spot on Jupiter more easily or make the polar ice caps on Mars more visible. The more experience you gain in the planetary observing, the more details will be revealed to you using these colour filters.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 2" eyepiece set with extensive additional accessories
  • 2" eyepieces of 40mm, 32mm and 26mm focal length
  • 2" star diagonal with nosepiece and adapter for SC thread
  • 5 colour filters for lunar and planetary observing
  • robust aluminium case with form-fitting cut-outs for accessories

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