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1.25", 27mm flat field eyepiece

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Product description

More about the series Flatfield...

Omegon premium flat field eyepieces - a flat image field and crystal-clear images

Omegon premium flat field eyepieces are sharp across the entire image and have a flat field of view right out to the edge. A combination of excellent optics and premium coatings make these eyepieces a real hot tip.

  • 1.25" eyepieces with an extremely flat field of view right out to the edge
  • provide a sharp, high-contrast image
  • no refocusing required when switching between eyepieces
  • infinitely adjustable eyecups
  • particularly large eye lenses and good eye relief

Corrected field curvature for the best observing

Premium flat field eyepieces offer corrected field curvature, normally one of the flaws in optical imaging. This correction lets you use the entire field of view. You will observe an image with superior sharpness - not just in the centre, but right out to the outer edge. These eyepieces let you observe natural objects just as they appear in reality.

Multi-coating and crystal-clear images

The large eye lenses will impress you at your very first glance at these eyepieces. The crystal-clear images you then see when looking through the eyepiece will then impress you even more. The high quality of the 5-6 lens elements and the high light transmission give you an image of high colour purity and excellent contrast. How can you tell all this? Well, for example, the fact that when you observe the planet Jupiter the image is not just good, but shows an incredible wealth of detail. You will see significant differences in the structures of the various bands.

Twist-up eyecups

The eyepieces have solid and infinitely adjustable eyecups, making it easy for you to choose your most comfortable viewing distance - ideal for long intensive observing sessions. The various models have focal lengths of 16mm, 19mm and 27mm and are also ideal for spectacle wearers.

Wide field of view - between 58° and 65°

What does an extended astronomical object look like through the eyepiece, as compared to a standard Kellner or Ploessl? Imagine you are observing the Lagoon Nebula with an 8" f5 Newtonian telescope: While in the standard eyepieces the object extends well beyond the field of view, any of these wide angle eyepieces (around 19mm) will show you the entire object. This is because these eyepieces offer 20-30% larger fields of view than a standard eyepiece.

Multiple magnifications from one series

The premium flat field eyepieces are available in various focal lengths - 27mm, 19mm, 16mm, 12mm and 8mm. So they cover a wide range of magnifications.

Look great and last a lifetime with their anodized housings

These premium flat field eyepieces also look classy - the entire housing is anodized aluminium. This makes the material particularly resistant and durable. A rubber coating also provides you with a handy grip.

(The eyepieces come with the lettering 'BST' at present)



Focal length (mm)
Connection (to the telescope)
Apparent field of view (°)
Eye relief (mm)
Coating of optical system
Multi Coating

Special features

Adjustable eyepiece cup
Filter thread
inert gas charge


Type of build

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Omegon 1.25", 27mm flat field eyepiece
Omegon 1.25", 27mm flat field eyepiece
Omegon 1.25", 27mm flat field eyepiece

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