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Deluxe Polar Wedge for Omegon MiniTrack

With the Deluxe Polar Wedge you can now create beautiful nightscape astrophotos even more easily. CNC components give your camera the required stability. You can reliably align your astrotracker in just a few minutes.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Deluxe Polar Wedge for better aligned and tracked astronomy photos
  • Suitable for MiniTrack and other astro-trackers
  • Exact polar alignment: particularly smooth and fine movement in four directions
  • 3/8" thread: fits any photographic tripod (without head)
  • Polar altitude adjustment 10 - 60 degrees
  • Bubble level for horizontal tripod positioning
  • Laser-engraved latitude scale is easy to read, even outdoors and at night
  • CNC components: looks great and will last forever - for many years of astrophotography fun
  • Made in Portugal

Why you will produce better astronomy photos with this polar wedge

How it is different to a normal tripod head? If you want to photograph the night sky with a mini-mount, then you definitely already know this question. You can align a tripod head with the Pole Star too, but this is not its intended use. It offers free movement in many directions - however, alignment remains inaccurate and you need to exactly know the behaviour of your tripod head to successfully take photos.

A polar wedge makes it easier for you! It helps you to align your camera with the north celestial pole as if it were a large telescope, with degree-accuracy and reproducable at any time. This will help you to created better-tracked images or successfully use a telephoto lens.

Better altitude and azimuth settings

At night, don't leave anything to chance: especially in the dark, it is important that everything works smoothly and immediately. The altitude and azimuth setting work smoothly: stainless steel screws make it easier to set the required altitude and azimuth.

Precise bubble level

A bubble level you can rely on. Inconspicuously integrated into the polar wedge, you will find the exact horizontal position for your tripod.

Firm grip for every Vixen-style rail

A broad, clamp on the side holds your tracker or mini-mount in a stable position. What's great is: where other models only clamp using a single screw, the Deluxe Polar Wedge provides a firm but very gentle hold.

Slender and high: from 10 to 60 degrees

We have attached a great deal of importance to a very slender design. Even when an astrotracker is attached, the screws remain freely accessible.

CNC-manufactured product made in Portugal

Made from CNC-manufactured components, the polar wedge not only looks great, it is great. We produce them in small quantities in our manufacturing facility in Portugal. Thanks to the high quality surface, the polar wedge is durable and will accompany you on your astrophotography journey for many years.

Simply attach and get going

Assembling, aligning and getting going: it's so easy with the Deluxe Polar Wedge. Your alignment remains stable all night.



Polar elevation setting (°)
10 - 60
Mounting saddle
Connector (other end)


Weight (g)
Mount accessories
Type of build
Polar wedge

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$ 24.90*

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Omegon Deluxe Polar Wedge
Omegon Deluxe Polar Wedge
Omegon Deluxe Polar Wedge
Omegon Deluxe Polar Wedge
Omegon Deluxe Polar Wedge

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