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Product no.: 23840

Tripod ball-head Titania 200 ball head

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Product description

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Omegon Titania 200 ball head - the compact tripod head

The small ball Titania 200 is compact and light, ideal if weight is an issue. Why use an enormous tripod head, if this ball head is more than sufficient? Put your SLR camera, binoculars or spotting scope onto it to enjoy a steady view when nature watching.

This ball head has a 4kg carrying capacity, allowing you to use most binoculars and still cameras on it. With a weight of only 520g, it is particularly light compared to other tripod heads, allowing you to save weight on hikes, bird watching trips or other outdoor excursions.

Flexible observing

The ball head can be quickly and easily fixed into any position via a side locking screw. An additional recess even allows you to position the ball head up to 90° laterally.

Rapid adaptation to binoculars or camera

A quick-release plate helps you to mount your instruments easily and extremely rapidly. The ¼" photo screw provides lets you mount virtually any binoculars or camera. Simply set your equipment, with the plate attached, onto the tripod head and it slots securely into place in the quick-release mechanism on the ball head with an audible click. There is also a small safety lever provided with which you can lock the quick-release mechanism.

The advantages in a nutshell:

- ball for free movement

- carrying capacity to 4kg

- compact and light

- for nature and bird watching, astronomy or plane spotting

- quick-release plate with ¼" connection and latch

- 3/8" threaded sleeve

- base with 3/8" thread for use on Titania tripods

- weight 520g / height 10.8cm



Ball head
Load capacity (kg)
Thread for camerarecording


Length (cm)
Weight (kg)
Omegon Tripod ball-head Titania 200 ball head
Omegon Tripod ball-head Titania 200 ball head
Omegon Tripod ball-head Titania 200 ball head

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