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Start the night with new zest

The Omegon Baby Mount - perfect for taking small telescopes

This ultra-compact mount is ideal for telescopes of up to 100mm lens diameter. Whether on a trip or simply for a spontaneous night's observing - it is always an advantage not to have to lug heavy equipment around. The Baby alt-azimuth mount moves so precisely that it still lets you observe even at higher magnifications.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • mini alt-azimuth mount for telescopes of up to 4kg in weight. Use your compact 80mm or 100mm refractor, a Maksutov OTA or a spotting scope
  • compact and lightweight - perfect for holidays or astronomy and nature-watching trips - fits in any suitcase and weighs only as much as a bottle of water
  • excellent workmanship - made entirely of anodized aluminium
  • use the Baby alt-azimuth mount on any camera tripod with 3/8" thread
  • large Vixen-style clamps for the usual prism rails - allowing you to mount your optics in seconds

A baby with pretty good genes

Very few mounts are as small and compact as this one! It is so compact that it fits in the palm of your hand - an advantage if you like things small and simple. But this Baby is anything but simple - its quality stands up well in any comparison with well-known brand mounts. As soon as you rotate it on its axes, you will be delighted with it - it will move your optics around smoothly and surprisingly precisely.

For small telescopes weighing up to 4 kg

Refractors, Maksutov or small Newtonians - this mount can carry any telescope OTA up to about 4kg in weight. Your telescope can be connected simply and quickly if it has a GP prism rail.

Where do you want to go to?

To quickly observe an interesting object? On a trip to Namibia? Or to fly off to see the next solar eclipse? The Baby mount is ideal for all of this and more. It fits into any suitcase or bag - so you can always have your astronomy equipment near at hand in the future!

Easy attachment

It can use any tripod with a 3/8 inch thread. This is the standard for camera tripods without a head. A heavy telescopic tripod is unnecessary.

A compact mount for small telescopes. Light luggage for any situation. Really, nothing more is required!

Illustration similar: colour = silver



Max. additional load capacity (kg)
3/8" tripod screw


Tripod <p>
without tripod


Weight (g)
Type of build
Omegon Mount AZ-Baby
Omegon Mount AZ-Baby
Omegon Mount AZ-Baby
Omegon Mount AZ-Baby

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