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Polar wedge EQ-platform 45°

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37° - 42° $ 459,00
42° - 47° $ 459,00
47° - 52° $ 459,00
52° - 57° $ 459,00


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The Omegon EQ platform is a tracking system for your Dobsonian telescope.

Dobsonian telescopes have many advantages, but tracking is not always easy. Especially as a beginner, it is sometimes difficult to slew and tilt the telescope slowly and evenly in the right direction to compensate for the Earth's rotation.
If you place the Dobson telescope on the EQ platform, the earth's rotation is compensated by a motor. Now you can enjoy observing objects even at high magnifications without them moving out of view too quickly. This also makes observing together with family and friends much easier.

The Advantages in a nutshell

  • Battery-powered tracking system for Dobsonian telescopes
  • Suitable for telescopes up to 30kg (approx. 10" / 254mm aperture)
  • Quick setup and easy operation
  • Light as a feather (3.5 kg) but robust
  • Different versions for different latitudes

Tracking and alignment
The platform tracks the telescope for one hour before it has to be reset to the original position by hand. The motor requires a standard 9-volt battery.
For polar alignment, the EQ platform must be roughly aligned to the north. But unlike an equatorial telescope mount, the latitude does not need to be set. Instead, different versions of the EQ platform are available to cover many latitudes. Check your latitude and round to the nearest 5° to order the correct variant:

  • 40° Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece
  • 45° France, Italy, Croatia, Romania
  • 50° France, Belgium, Germany, Poland
  • 55° Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Poland

Exact polar alignment is very difficult to achieve with an EQ platform. A small drift of the observation objects through the field of view is a consequence of this. This drift can be minimised by a simple fine adjustment of the motor speed.

Fits almost any Dobsonian:
The platform can support a telescope up to 30kg. The base of the telescope must have three feet. The distance between the feet must not exceed 45 cm. Almost every Dobsonian up to an aperture of 254 mm (10") meets these criteria.
Note: Push-to systems (based on encoders) cannot be combined with the EQ platform. (e.g. Omegon Push+ or Orion IntelliScope).

Scope of delivery:

  • Motor with mounting bracket and Hex key.
  • top rocking plate
  • bottom support plate

(Not included in delivery: 9 volt block battery and Phillips screwdriver)



Max. Draagvermorgen (kg)
Geschikt voor telescopen
Geschikt voor
42° - 47°


Toebehoren monteringen
Polar wedge
Totaal gewicht (kg)
Uitwendige afmetingen LxBxH (cm)
58 x 46 x 10


Type batterij
9V-Block (6LR61, 6F22)
Omegon Polar wedge EQ-platform 45°
Toepassingsvoorbeeld (de telescoop wordt niet meegeleverd)
Omegon Polar wedge EQ-platform 45°


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