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Omegon Powerbank 4000 14Wh 12V

Product no.: 63937
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Powerbank 4000 14Wh 12V
Omegon Powerbank 4000 14Wh 12V
Omegon Powerbank 4000 14Wh 12V
Omegon Powerbank 4000 14Wh 12V
Omegon Powerbank 4000 14Wh 12V
Omegon Powerbank 4000 14Wh 12V
Product description
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Product description:

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Omegon Powerbank 4000 - Mobile power supply for small GoTo telescopes!

A big advantage of most small azimuthal GoTo mounts is the ease of transport. However, mobility is noticeably reduced if you have to carry a heavy battery with you. These massive energy stores are often oversized for the small telescope. So far, the only alternative was to mount the batteries. The telescope then becomes a true battery-hungry.

The cheap and compact Omegon Powerbank 4000 protects the environment and your wallet! She is as light as a feather and does not restrict her mobility. Even the cumbersome Rumgefummel with the battery compartment falls away: The Powerbank 4000 must be plugged only to the 12V input of the mount.

In the power bank is a Li-Ion battery with a capacity (native, @ 3.6V) of 4000 mAh installed. This is equivalent to 14Wh, or 1.2Ah at 12V. A small mount can be operated for about 2-3 hours.

The 5-12V converter cable makes this power bank the ideal telescope companion: The usual for USB 5V are converted into necessary for telescopes 12V. Make sure you plug the cable into the 2A socket of the power bank: At the 12V plug there will be 600mA available. The cable is 80cm long - for flexible placement of the power bank on your telescope.

Four small LEDs indicate the current state of charge of the power bank. It can easily be charged via micro USB. A USB / micro USB cable is included. A recharge is more than 500 times possible.

Built-in protection against short circuits, overcharging, deep discharging and overloading not only protect the power bank itself, but also the attached telescope. Of course, the Powerbank 4000 can also charge a tablet or smartphone.

The 12V plug (5.5x2.1 center-positive) fits most mounts. Attention: MEADE mounts unfortunately require a different connector (5.5x2.5). The Omegon Powerbank 4000 can be used for small azimuthal GoTo mounts. For, among other:

  • Skywatcher AZ-S
  • Skywatcher Star Discovery
  • Skywatcher AZ-GTi
  • Skywatcher AZ-GTe
  • Skywatcher Solar Quest AZ
  • Skywatcher AZ Merlin
  • Orion Star Seeker IV
  • Celestron Nexstar SLT
  • Celestron Nexstar GT
  • Celestron Nexstar SE
  • Celestron Astro Fi
  • Celestron LCM
  • Celestron SkyProdigy
  • Omegon push +
  • Omegon Push + mini


  • Power Bank
  • 5-12V converter cable (80cm)
  • USB / Micro-USB cable (25cm)


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