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Author Marcus Schenk takes you into the exciting world of telescopes. This Ebook is available FREE to download!


“The book should be a guide in which beginners can learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different telescope designs. I have again and again had the experience, that new astronomers are overwhelmed by the huge range of telescopes on offer. But in this book they can learn about what to look out for, in order to then make an informed decision.” - Marcus Schenk


  • Learn everything about different telescope types
  • 67 pages long
  • All relevant telescope designs
  • Important accessories explained
  • Independent and without any specific product recommendation
  • Universally in PDF format




About the author


Marcus Schenk, born in 1978, is a qualified optician and has been an amateur astronomer since he was 15. For years in the public observatory in Buchloe, he got people interested in the universe with guided tours to the night sky. In 2006 he made his hobby his profession and advised many amateur astronomers in finding the right telescope. In many videos he explains the basics of the telescope to beginners. As a full-time writer and author, he writes about astronomy and products for the brand Omegon.