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Adjusting binoculars

Enjoying nature using a pair of binoculars is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever be able to make. Watching mountains and glacier crevices by day or admiring the plumage of our native birds, or else plunging into the fascinating world of astronomy by night will often provide really unforgettable moments. That's why it is important to maintain your bins and treat them with care, as they are a precise optic device, consisting of many optic components which add up to providing the visual pleasure, after all.

Sometimes, however, it may happen that your binoculars won't render the optic quality you are accustomed to. In extreme cases you may even see two separate rounded pictures instead of just one. That's when your bins are out of adjustment. This means that the optic components (i.e. especially the prisms) are out of alignment. But: don't panic! Your binoculars are not knackered, they are just out of focus. The reason may be that your bins have received a major commotion, or perhaps they have been dropped.

If you own a porro prism pair of binoculars, you can readjust them yourself quite simply, in order to enjoy their full visual performance again. So we would like to provide a short instruction, as to how you can readjust your bins yourself. This applies in a more or less similar way to most porro prism binoculars.

1.First of all, you should find out if a readjustment is really necessary. For this purpose, mount your bins on a tripod so that they may be fixed pinpointedly and unshakeably. Put your tripod (and your bins) in a position that allows you to scan the landscape at ease, e.g. whilst sitting on a chair. If you can discern everthing clearly and without straining your eyes, then no adjustment will be necessary for your individual needs. If, however, you recognise a double image or even feel giddy, your bins are likely not to be adjusted exactly.

2.While you are looking through your binoculars it would make sense to target a house or building that has even vertical and horizontal lines. Please make sure that this object is at an adequate distance. Now please look through your bins with your left and your right eye alternately. If you open and close your left and your right eye very fast alternately, you can discern the difference between both visual impressions very well. If your binoculars are out of adjustment, the objects will seemingly „jump“ from left to right and vice versa. Vertical offsets always present more serious problems than horizontal ones, because it is most difficult for the human eye to compensate vertical offsets. Smaller horizontal displacements may, on the other hand, be quite ordinary and won't present serious problems.

3.If your bins are out of adjustment you are likely to see horizontal copings seemingly „jump“ up and down, as you target them alternately with your left and right eye. This requires immediate action. It is advisable for you to work with two screwdrivers simultaneaously while readjusting your bins. So, position both screwdrivers on the adjusting srews while looking through the bins at the same time. Now, all further action requires some sensitivity, as only really tiny movements are necessary to readjust the prisms.

4.Apart from a wall, a spruce or hemlock with its different branches may be a good resource for readjustment, as it is necessary to make the single branches coincide absolutely.

Hidden below the rubber sheathing are the tiny adjustment screws for the prisms. You can do the adjustment independently with a small screwdriver. The visual impression of the height difference as seen through the left and right eyepieces is clearly depicted here. Now the different impressions should be matched carefully, looking through the eyepieces alternately.

5.As soon as the coping coincides horizontally in both eyepieces or as soon as the branches coincide, you have accomplished an adequate adjustment. Now the picture should be in focus and using your binoculars should give you pleasure again. Just have another quick look through your bins with your left and right eyes alternately in order to doublecheck the adjustment. If you feel the picture is agreeable now, you can call it a day

6.In a few particular cases ist may still happen that your individual adjustment is not just perfect for other viewers. But you should not worry about this too much, as no single human eye perfectly matches any other. Ever so tiny differences in the positioning of the eyes in another person may cause different sensory perceptions. Nevertheless, it is often possible to find a mid-position adjustment.

7.You do not want to fiddle with the adjustment of your binoculars? No problem at all! Just send it to We will adjust your bins at your option with the utmost precision.


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