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IDAS Filters Nebula Booster NB3 48mm

Product no.: 67609
Manufacturer: IDAS

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IDAS Filters Nebula Booster NB3 48mm
IDAS Filters Nebula Booster NB3 48mm

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Product description
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Product description:

The NB3 filter is a dual line-pass filter which can be used with one-shot color (OSC) cameras such as DSLR's or astronomical OSC cameras.

Passing the red SII and the blue-green OIII lines, the NB3 filter enhances the contrast of these lines found in emission nebulae without the time-consuming use of single-band filters. The resulting images can be used for luminance contrast enhancement of traditional RGB-balanced images or creation of images in various popular false-color palettes.

Note that a base filter which provides IR blocking (UV/IR CUT) is required in combination with this filter!

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