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ScopeDome Sternwarte Clamshell 3M

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ScopeDome Sternwarte Clamshell 3M
ScopeDome Sternwarte Clamshell 3M
ScopeDome Sternwarte Clamshell 3M
Descriere produs
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Descriere produs:

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Due to the lack of synchronization of the dome's shutter with the telescope, clamshell-type domes are chosen by professional astronomers for tracking satellites, space debris or quick sky surveys.

The dome design protects the telescope from weather conditions. The fast shutter drive allows almost immediate observation. A special feature of the dome is the ability to open only selected shutter, which allows additional protection of the telescope against strong winds.

Basic parameters

  • Diameter of the base: 3.0m
  • Heigh: 3.1 m
  • Weight: 300 kg
  • Number of shutters: 3
  • Opening time: 80s
  • Drive: six engines 250W
  • Automation: ScopeDome Arduino Card
  • Software: ScopeDome Arduino Driver, ASCOM, Windows 10
  • Equipment bay: 77 x 35 x39 cm
  • Door: 77 x 59 cm

All domes are assembled in the factory, and then, after dismantling, carefully prepared for transport.


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