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Cullmann Tripé de alumínio MUNDO 525M OH2.5V

Nr. do produto: 65818
Fabricante: Cullmann

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Descrição do produto:

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The MUNDO tripods tripods with the hybrid ball head OH2.5V are available in three different versions. The hybrid ball head enables lightning-fast and convenient conversion from photo to video mode thanks to its unique hybrid technology. Thanks to the small pack size and the easy, flexible operation, the MUNDO is the ideal travel tripod.

The hybrid ball head OH2.5V is the two-in-one solution: It combines a stable ball head with a precise 2-way video head. The MUNDO tripods thus complement the existing series for anyone who wants to take photos and shoot videos while traveling. They bring everything the photographer demands from a tripod when traveling.

The tripod can be set up quickly with the quick clamp screw connection. The 3-way tripod leg adjustment including the macro position is supplemented by an enclosed short center column for ground-level macro shots. The MUNDO 525M OH2.5V also has an additional monopod, which is created by combining a tripod leg and the center column.

The MUNDO tripods have an anodized tripod star made of CNC-milled aluminum. The tripod legs can be folded 180 degrees and are made of anodized aluminum tubing. The tripod legs are protected against cold and shock with a foam padding. The MUNDO tripods combine stability and robustness for use on the go. Stable, non-slip rubber feet and the matching tripod bag are also included.


  • Hybrid ball head OH2.5V for lightning-fast, convenient conversion from photo to video mode
  • Two-in-one: stable ball head and precise 2-way video head for ambitious photo and video recordings
  • Non-offset ball lock due to stable clamping on the circumference of the ball (equatorial clamping)
  • Safe and fast SK system including 38 mm camera plate (UniQ / C and Arca compatible)
  • Anodized tripod star made of CNC-milled aluminum
  • Tripod legs and center column made of anodized aluminum tube
  • Additional monopod by combining a tripod leg and the center column
  • Tripod legs foldable by 180 degrees for a short pack size
  • Quick clamp screw connection on tripod legs and center column
  • 3-way tripod leg adjustment including macro position
  • Enclosed short center column for close-up macro shots
  • Tripod leg with foam padding to protect against cold and shock
  • Stable, non-slip rubber feet
  • Matching tripod bag


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