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Omegon Alpheon NV 5x40 night vision device

Nr. do produto: 47286
Fabricante: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Alpheon NV 5x40 night vision device
Omegon Alpheon NV 5x40 night vision device
Omegon Alpheon NV 5x40 night vision device
Omegon Alpheon NV 5x40 night vision device
Omegon Alpheon NV 5x40 night vision device
Omegon Alpheon NV 5x40 night vision device
Omegon Alpheon NV 5x40 night vision device
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Descrição do produto:

Infelizmente, a descrição deste produto ainda não está em Portuguê portanto, você encontrará uma descrição em Inglês do produto aqui.

Omegon Alpheon-NV 5x40 digital night vision device

Have you ever wanted to see what is going on at night? And even be able to photograph or video what is moving around out there? We can offer you the solution. The NV 5x40-Alpheon of Omegon digital night vision device lets you detect objects up to 200 meters away, even in the darkest night, thanks to the powerful built-in IR lamp, and to record them on-device in the built-in memory.

In moonlight or under reflecting clouds, you will even be able to recognize objects a few hundred meters further away than that. And, thanks to the 5X magnification, everything will seem much closer. And, if that magnification is not sufficient, you can even digitally zoom-in to up to 8X in the image - but the unit should really be mounted on a tripod for this.

Perfectly adaptable to the conditions

The Alpheon NV 5x40 can be set up to perfectly correspond to the lighting conditions you find yourself in - no matter whether you are in the darkest forest or in an open field near a light-polluted city. The light amplification and the built-in IR lamp can each be appropriately adjusted over 9 steps.

The generous eyepiece also allows spectacle wearers to see the entire field of view, without having to take off their glasses every time. But if you would rather observe without glasses, there is a dioptre adjustment to match the image to your eyesight.

Very lightweight companion

This extreme light weight, of only 400 grams, means you can easily carry the unit around with you for hours without feeling loaded down. The soft padded hand strap allows the device to fit perfectly in your hand and all the controls are easily accessible.

Not only see things yourself, but record and share images

The generous internal memory allows you to take more than 7,000 photos or record multiple, up to 10 minute, video sequences. The USB interface and AV output let you output these images to a PC or TV to share them with friends.

Risk-free observing, even in twilight

A great advantage of this digital night vision device is that you can use it in twilight. A night vision device with conventional tube technology would switch itself off or incur permanent damage to its image tube.

No need for expensive camera batteries

The lithium-ion battery included can be rapidly recharged and this technology also means that it is temperature-insensitive. A spare battery is included. The battery can be charged directly in the device.

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